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One voice for collective singing in Europe

The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (ECA-EC) is a non-profit association gathering organisations, choirs and individuals active in the field of collective singing in Europe. Through this network we are in contact with more than 2,5 million individuals in over 50 countries.


The targets of our activities and events are the 37 million singers, conductors, composers, managers and educators active in the field of collective singing in Europe.


Since 1963, our aims are to foster cooperation and mutual understanding between cultures, nations and individuals across social and political borders, to promote collective singing as tool for education and for community building and to represent the interests of the singing community.

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Our actions

  • Networking and cooperation building
  • Organising international choirs, trainings and festivals in cooperation with national partners
  • Organising major choral events, like the Europa Cantat festivals
  • Fostering research and organising conferences to develop and exchange knowledge


Where will you sing this summer?

The EUROPA CANTAT Festival XX, the largest choral festival of Europe, will be held in Tallinn, Estonia, from 27 July to 5 August 2018. Registration on www.ectallinn2018.ee/registration/

Choirs, choral conductors, composers and managers from all around the world will be meeting in Estonia to experience the special programme offered by the festival. Find out more and JOIN US!

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ECA-EC is member of

International Federation for Choral Music - IFCM | European/International Music Council (EMC-IMC) | Culture Action Europe, Musica International | Choral Festival Network

  • International Federation for Choral Music
  • European Music Council
  • Culture Action Europe
  • Musica International
  • Choral Festival Network