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Get to know Burak


I am a choral conductor from Istanbul (Turkey) and 30 years old.

I both act as a musician and as a chairman of a choral organisation in my country (koro kültürü derneği).




When / where did you first come in contact with choral music?

My first encounter with choral music was in the German School (Deutsche Schule Istanbul) and I remember very well the first piece I sung was Vivaldi’s Gloria.


What is the greatest experience you’ve had inside the choral world?

I would certainly count in many magical ‘Open Singing moments’ within Europa Cantat Festivals, like all the square singing Nessun Dorma in EC Torino in the Closing Ceremony in 2012, unforgettable experience…


What is the greatest experience you’ve had outside the choral world?

Flying in the cockpit. Any plane would do it.


What is the best part of the concert?

The silence after the piece ends… I think the quality of the after-music silence reflects the quality of the concert.


Which activities of ECA-EC have you participated in, and what is your experience of it?

I have participated in various; EC Festivals, EC Junior, General Assemblies, Conducting Academy, Eurochoir, and many more… I can easily claim that ECA-EC has its own ‘culture’ that is based on democracy, cultural variety and always a well-planned preparation. These values are present in every occasion where I meet the federation.


What is your favorite flavour ice cream?

Unlike Jan Schumacher, I like Banana. That is why we make a strong ice-cream team.



2016 ECA-EC General Assembly and conference "cross the line"