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Get to know Klara


In 1993 a little girl was born in Slovenia, named Klara.

As a baby she loved to scream but after a while she learnt to sing and there was no power on Earth that could turn her off.

Now she is a student of choral conducting in Ljubljana. Enjoys singing and even more spreading singing in groups.

Once she said:

Sing with every step you make, sing when you take a break.

Sing it loud with all your heart and share the feeling that keeps you alive.

When / where did you first come in contact with choral music?

I first sang in a choir of kindergarten. We had a magnificent conductor. My mother says she treated us as soldiers but in my memory there is only one moment, when I had a solo and I sang as if it was the last day of my life.


What is a great experience you’ve had with singing?

When I first heard my father singing. He never sang, not even drunk. But on my 18th birthday he (sober) joined improvised family choir and under my conduction sang a very silly song about Frogs. He does have an ear for music. I don’t know why, but since then, he never sang again.


What is the best part of the concert?

Afterparty, of course! But also the moment of crystal clear intervals sung by human voices. No instrument can produce the sound in those dimensions.


Which activities of ECA-EC have you participated in, and what is your experience of it?

My first participation on ECA-EC event was in Graz, years ago. There was a Masterclass for choral conductors. The music we did, the professors, the organisation… it was all in such a high quality level. It still is the best Masterclass in my experience.


What is your favorite flavour ice cream?

Rafaelo, you know it? Not coconut. But Rafaelo!