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CHORASMUS - Call for Project Partners
At the General Assembly in Barcelona, the Youth Committee announced it will be developing an exchange platform for young choral enthusiasts in Europe called CHORASMUS. As a first step, the Youth Committee will be applying for funding through the EU Erasmus+ programme to kick off a two-year project starting in November 2015 including capacity-building workshops, brainstorm meetings, work-placements for young choral managers, exchanging singers, conductors and composers and much more. The Youth Committee will be actively approaching ECA-EC member organisations for collaboration. However, every member is currently strongly encouraged to consider if they would maybe like to be a partner. Are you for example able to offer a work placement funded by the Erasmus+ programme? Let us know! All member organisations that are interested in collaborating with the project or have other input can send an e-mail to the Youth Committee for further information at youthcommittee@eca-ec.org

New Youth Committee constituted

In January 2013, the Board of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat in cooperation with the the chair of the former Youth Committee constituted the new Youth Committee of the association for the years 2013 to 2015. Among a strong group of 18 candidates from 15 countries, the following young people were chosen for the youth committee of the coming years, based on the consideration of a good mix of ages, countries and regions in Europe, experience, connection to member organisations of ECA-EC and reach-out to young people in countries not so well-connected, yet:

Catherine Al-Ghabra (UK), Jesse Boere (NL), Flannery Ryan (DE), Burak Onur Erdem (TR), Iva Radulovic (RS), for the festival in Pécs 2015: Emanuela Farago (HU), for the Eurochoir (until end of 2013): Eva Svarcova (CZ) - until December 2013. Two further candidates were put on the waiting list in case one of the current members drops out before 2015. Two former youth committee members who have in the meantime been elected to the ECA-EC Board are serving as mentors for the Youth Committee: Daphne Wassink (NL) and Victoria Liedbergius (NO). 

The first meeting of the new Youth Committee took place in Königswinter and Bonn, partly parallel to the first meeting of the new Board in February 2013. The 2nd official meeting took place in connection with the General Assembly in Pécs, Hungary in November 2013. Further meetings happened in 2014 in May at the EYE event in Strasbourg, in August at EUROPA CANTAT junior in Bergen, Norway and in November in Barcelona in connection with the VOICE conference. 


You can contact the Youth Committee under:



Do you have good examples of youth participation in your country? Write to us, so that your experience can be shared with others on this website or in the European Choral magazine.






Youth Committee until 2012


In November 2002 the Board of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat decided to form a Youth Committee in order to improve the participation of young people in the work of the federation. An idea which had been promoted by the European Parliament of Young Musicians founded in 1994.


The Youth Committee was established to support the board of the 
European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA-EC) in matters 
concerning youth involvement and aims to improve a greater demographic 
diversity throughout the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat. 
We would like to involve young people, and avoid ECA-EC to become a 
"grey-haired organisation" as well as provide a platform to learn. 
The education of future boardmembers, leaders and managers for the 
cultural sector are 
among our main goals. 
We are an advisory body to the organisation and aim to combine the 
general strategies of ECA-EC with youth at the forefront of our 
priorities. Our most important aims are communication with young 
singers throughout Europe, to spread the Ideas of ECA-EC 
and together develop new policies for young choral friends all over 
Europe. We involve up to date technologies and channels of 
communication to be successful on this mission and create a network of 
young people interested in choral music. 
Additionally, the development of our own projects, enhancing youth 
involvement in the ECA-EC organisation and fostering the intercultural 
exchange among young singers throughout Europe if of strong interest 
for us. 

Visit the ECA-EC on