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Youth Committee 2015-2018

The Board of ECA-EC has appointed a new Youth Committee:

1 | Flannery Ryan | Germany

2 | Sascha Sopper | Austria | chair

3 | Silvija Prockyte | Lithuania

4 | Sophie Cottet | France

5 | Klara Koradin | Slovenia

6 | Ruben Smits  | Netherlands


In addition the Estonian Choral Association will appointed a young person who will serve as a link to the EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Tallinn in 2018.



Sascha Sopper | Austria | Chair

supported by Chorverband Österreich


"Ever since my time as a member of the Vienna Boys’ Choir I was fascinated by choral music and joined many national and international choral projects, both as a singer and as a manager. The experiences I had at the Eurochoir and at the Europa Cantat Festival in Pécs were overwhelming and I wanted to be able to contribute to the work of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat. I’m looking forward to three exciting years with my colleagues from the Youth Committee, together helping to develop the choral world."



Sophie Cottet | France

supported by A Coeur Joie France


Young project manager, with experience in cultural adminsitration and partnerships in the field of art and culture. Passionate in all type of art, she is interested in all innovative and transversal projects. "Stay open minded" is her credo.



Klara Koradin | Slovenia

supported by Republic of Slovenia Public Fund for Cultural Activities - JSKD


"I am a student and I learn every day. As a conductor I've learnd that It's always more fun to do it loud and together."



Silvija Prockyte | Lithuania

supported by Lithuanian Choral Association


"Silvija Pročkytė student of choral conducting, festivals manager. Crazy about choral music events, traveling and making new friends around the world."




Flannery Ryan | Germany

supported by Deutsche Chorjugend


"Singing is my greatest passion! But I want to share this feeling with others which is why I enjoy being part of a global team that wants to make the world a better place through music."




Ruben Smits  | Netherlands

supported by ZIMIHC


"I’m a young choir conductor and arranger and fell in love with ECA-EC during EuroChoir 2013 (Pécs). I am really looking forward to be part of this exciting organization and meeting choral friends in Europe!"






Do you have good examples of youth participation in your country? Write to us, so that your experience can be shared with others on this website or in the European Choral magazine.