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What is the EuroChoir?

Celebrate Europe through choral singing – EuroChoir is a unique choral event organised by the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat every year in a different country. Initiated by AGEC in 1982, EuroChoir offers the opportunity to 60 young singers to get together for 8 days to rehearse a challenging program with two renowned conductors, improve their vocal skills with a vocal trainer and present the results of their work in public concerts. This special choir project aims to promote European choral music among young singers and to encourage cultural exchange within Europe. 


EuroChoir 2017

Utrecht, The Netherland | 30/6 - 10/7/2017


Young singers between 18 and 30 are invited to apply for the EuroChoir 2017 that will take place in Utrecht (NL) and will be organized by ZIMIHC.


In 2017 Maria van Nieukerken (NL) and Lorenzo Donati (IT) will be your dedicated conductors. 

The repertoire will be a mix of Dutch and Italian choral music with the common theme of water. Rehearsals will take place on several locations to learn more about performance skills as well.


How to apply?
We prefer an application from a quartet (S,A,T, B) supported by a national choir organisation (list of organisations). If you like to join the EuroChoir, please contact the organisation in your country. Together with them, you can check the possibilities for a quartet and for support. However, you may also join as an individual.


In both cases, please fill in the application form here


Check the Noel Minet scholarships 2017!


Deadline for applications: 31/3/2017


Previous EuroChoir sessions:


- 2016

- 2014

- 2013

- 2012

- 2011


Do you know that...


Singing in the EuroChoir gets you a free individual membership of the

European Choral Association - Europa Cantat for 1 year.

Here you can read the advantages offered to our members.

For any question or information send us an email >> info(at)EuropeanChoralAssociation.org