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Singing Week in Tarragona

Tarragona, Spain | 14-22/7/2017

Aim group: Adult choirs, youth choirs, individual singers

Organisers: Association Cor Ciutat de Tarragona/FCEC


Deadline for applications: 31/3/2017



Friday, 14th:

15:00 onwards Arrival time from

21:00 Opening concert (Cor Ciutat de Tarragona)


Days, from 15th to 20th:

Mornings: rehearsal workshops and open singing

Afternoons: free time and cultural activities

Evenings: Concerts of the Choirs in Tarragona and nearby cities


Thursday, 20th:

Workshops concert


Friday 21st:

CLOSING CONCERT (Auditorium Camp de Mart)


Josep Vila Jover (ES), Michael Gohl (CH), Bernie Sherlock (IE).

For the other workshops please consult the website


Open singing:       Te Deum (Albert Guinovart)

Conductor:             Xavier Puig


NOTE: it has been advanced a day (from Saturday to Friday) the location of the Singing Week to facilitate the attendance at the World Choir Symposium (Barcelona, from July 22nd) for the participants who wish to do so.



Associacion Cor Ciutat de Tarragona