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Webinar "Networking and Cooperating within Europe and beyond"

13 December 2017 | 14:00 UTC


International cooperation and networking are essential in order to connect musicians and organisations of different regions and countries, as well as within a specific community. They help facilitate the mobility of artists and works of arts, and are a tool to join forces and speak with one voice. And for you, as music professionals, international cooperation and networking are also relevant for the quality of your work, relevant for your career, relevant for the cultural contents you develop.


During this interactive webinar, we will share and exchange on concrete methods, tips and tricks to successfully network and cooperate at international level, we’ll explain how to tackle challenges such as working in an intercultural context, working from a distance or financing your international projects. Based on a 50+ years’ experience in the field, we’ll share our best tips and our little secret tricks to go international – and we certainly hope to learn from you too!


Sonja Greiner and Côme Ferrand Cooper

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Learning aims
By the end of the webinar the audience will:

  • Gain a structured insight on international cooperation and networking in the European context. More specifically they will understand International networking in and outside of one’s own sector
  • Acquire cooperation methods specific to international and transcultural work Cooperating with people and organization* in other countries is easier than ever, with digital communication tools that allow easy contact, world-wide exchange and search of information and contacts, collaborative work distribution and implementation, etc. Easier than ever… really?
  • Discuss the basic challenges of intercultural work and networking the similarities and changes, the solutions and further issues raised by this new technical environment
  • fully grasp the benefits of cooperation at the European level and value in a deeper level that finding, networking and finally working with partners from other countries carry specific challenges
  • Illustrate the benefits and challenges of European cooperation and networking, sharing good practices, tips and tricks
  • Become familiar with different experiences developed in the Eastern part of Europe over the years, and the specific challenges and solutions linked with working with and from these cultural spheres
  • Learn about the specific challenges of intercultural work and networking


The Webinar is organised in the frame of the Erasmus+ project “STAMP: Shared Training Activities for Music Professionals"


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