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Get to know Jan


My name is Jan Schumacher, I am 37 years old an life close to Frankfurt in Germany.

I am music director of Frankfurt university, before I was conducting professor in Rottenburg.

I conduct choirs and orchestras in Germany and teach in workshops in Germany and many countries abroad.


When / where did you first come in contact with choral music?

As a child and teenager I was member of a boys choir. We had rehearsals every day – so my first contact was also a very strong contact!


What is the greatest experience you’ve had inside the choral world?

That is very difficult to answer because it had been many great experiences in many ways.

Great concerts, colourful festivals, wonderful trips – in general I would say the greatest experience (same as singer and as conductor) is to meet people, to bring people together and to work together on music.


What is the greatest experience you’ve had outside the choral world?

Having children


What is the best part of the concert?

The part after the concert


Which activities of ECA-EC have you participated in, and what is your experience of it?

My first contact was a singing week in Sweden when I was singer in a youth choir. We had a great time!

Second contact was the “Academy for young choral conductors” in Mannheim. I learned a lot and still today I am in contact with many other participants of this academy.

One year later I did the academy again in Barcelona in the frame of the Europa Cantat festival, which was (and is) for sure the biggest and most impressive way of discovering ECA-EC


What is your favorite flavour ice cream?

Chocolate, Strawberry