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Get to know Sascha

I am 27 years old and I live in Vienna, Austria. I am president of the Alumni Association of the Vienna Boys Choir, co-founder and manager of the Youth Choir Academy Vienna, member of the Youth Committee of the European Choral Association Europa Cantat and most of all a passionate choral singer in many regional and international choral projects and choirs (Wiener Kammerchor, Wiener Singverein, Chorus Viennensis, Revoice international Vocal Ensemble, Youth Choir Academy Vienna,…).

When / where did you first come in contact with choral music

When I was about 7 years old, my teacher told my parents that she thought that I was a great singer after she heard me sing in class. Then I was asked if I wanted to join the Vienna Boys’ Choir and accepted right away. There, a daily routine of choral rehearsals started and my passion for choral music began.


When did you first get across ECA-EC and how did you end up in the Youth Committee?
The first time I visited an ECA-EC event was when I participated at Eurochoir in France 2014. This event was so inspiring that I wanted to know more about the association. In 2015 I joined the Young Event Management Program offered at the Europa Cantat Festival in Pécs and really got a great impression of what happens behind the scenes and knew right away that I wanted to be involved more deeply in the association. Therefore I applied for the Youth Committee.

What is the greatest experience you’ve had inside the choral world?

There are so many great experiences that it’s impossible to chose only one. But seeing all the many thousand participants and visitors of the Europa Cantat Festival coming from all around the world sing and celebrate together without boundaries truly is one of the greatest experiences I’ve had.


 What is the greatest experience you’ve had outside the choral world?

The 8 months I studied abroad at the University of Toronto in Canada.

What is your favorite flavour ice cream?



Can you remember a mistake - singing a wrong word or hearing a wrong word - in a choral concert that made you laugh?
There hardly is a rehearsal without intense laughing! But I precisely remember this one concert of the Chorus Viennensis where I and another first tenor colleague of mine couldn’t stop laughing for the next 10 minutes due to some pronunciation mistakes that involuntarily happened to the two of us in a row. The problem was that we were only 3 first tenors in the choir…


Which famous musician, alive or dead, would you like to meet / make music with?

Matthew Bellamy (singer of the band „Muse“)


What do you sing under the shower?

Today under the shower I sung: Henry Purcell - Hear My Prayer, O Lord, a piece I just recently fell in love with. For singing in general: just ask the other members of the Youth Committee: there hardly is a time I don’t sing at all.