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Calendar of Choral Events

In this calendar you will find choral events and activities for choirs and singers, conductors, composers, music teachers and managers all over Europe and beyond. All the events are international and usually open to the participation of people from all over the World.


The European Choral Association - Europa  Cantat does not specifically recommend all of the events, it merely wishes to offer an platform with information on choral music as a service to its members and users. Only events marked with the logo of ECA-EC are official events of our association - further details on these events can also be found under "Events 2013" and you can also find these events of our association as well as our most important meetings in the official google calendar here.


In addition we recommend some events for choirs and for conductors each year, which are not organised by us but fully agree with our general philosophy. The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat has no responsibility for the contents and organisation of these events which can be found under "Events 2013" at the end of each type of event

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You can search for special types of events, events in specific countries and at specific dates, or events organised by one organisation.


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Once you have submitted the event, we will receive a message, we will review it and make it public if it is an international choral event with a project description in English.

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