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Europa Cantat and Hearts-in-Harmony in Braille and Sign Language


Initiated in France in 2006 under the name "Coeurs en Choeurs", Hearts-in-Harmony is an international series of events under the patronage of the Europa Cantat at which disabled and non-disabled singers come together to sing. Each Hearts-in-Harmony event has another focus and deals with different types of disabilities. >> More



Call for data on inclusive choirs and activities

The French association Coeurs-en-Choeurs is asking choral associations across Europe to help with data on inclusive choirs and activities in their respective countries and regions. Please read their letter addressed to the General Assembly 2015 in English and in French and directly send them information if you can help.

Logo of Hearts-in-Harmony in Barcelona

Chronology of Hearts-in-Harmony events

2016 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Novi Sad (RS)  2016 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Barcelona (CAT, ES)  2015 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Novi Sad (RS)  -> more

2015 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Barcelona (CAT, ES)  -> more 
2014 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Novi Sad (RS)  -> more
2014 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Barcelona (CAT, ES)  -> more

2013 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Antwerp (BE)  -> more

2013 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Novi Sad (RS)  -> more

2013 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Barcelona (CAT, ES)  -> more

2012 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Novi Sad (RS) >> more

2011 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Novi Sad (RS), 16 - 20/6/11 >> more

             Also see the website of Cantat Novi Sad >> here

2011 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Örebro (SE), 26 - 28/5/11 >> more

2010 - Hearts-in-Harmony weekend (>> more) and concert in Barcelona (ES) 

2010 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Budapest (HU) In cooperation with a school for the blind and visually impaired. With choirs from Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria, Poland and Slovenia >> more

2008 - Hearts-in-Harmony event in Trondheim (NO) - Singing with sign-language, integrating hearing-impaired children >> more

2006 - 1st Hearts-in-Harmony Concert in Paris (FR) - Huge concert bringing together singers with different disabilities and member choirs of A Coeur Joie >> more

Background reading about working with disabled singers

- Issue 3/2010 of EC magazine, devoted to "Music and Handicap" >> here

  French translations >> here / German translations >> here

- Handyvoix, a French organisation for choirs with disabled singers >> here

- Article in French published in the Choralies magazine >> here

- Article in French about a choir for people with Parkinson >> here

- Electronic magazine in French on activities around Paris >> here

- Text in French about the small daily initiatives of Coeurs en Choeurs >> here

- Article in Catalan about the event in Barcelona >> here

- A sign-language choir in Norway >> here

- How to integrate a handicapped child into your choir >> here



Useful links

-"FreeDots", an open source programme for the transformatin of
  traditional music notation into Braille music

The Hearts-in-Harmony events in Budapest, Barcelona and Örebro are part of “Uniting Youth in Song”, a project coordinated by Länsmusiken in Örebro (Sweden) in cooperation with FENIARCO (Italy), SCIC (Catalonia, Spain), the KÓTA (Hungary), the festival EUROPA CANTAT Utrecht (the Netherlands) and the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat in Bonn (Germany). This project has been selected under the European Union programme “Culture 2007 – 2013”.
Also see www.swicco.se

Hearts-in-Harmony in Barcelona wins IMC Musical Rights Award

We are proud to report that the Hearts-in-Harmony project in Barcelona is one of three winners of the IMC Music Rights Awards 2011. Launched in 2009, the IMC Musical Rights Awards are given to programmes or projects, nominated by IMC members, that support in an exemplary way one or more of the five musical rights enunciated by the Council. Hearts-in-Harmony in Barcelona is a project of SCIC (Secretariat de corals infantils de Catalunya), the Catalan Children's Choir Association, and was nominated by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat together with the Moviment Coral Català (MCC) Mediterranean Office for Choral Singing. >> more