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Database with Examples of Good Practice

Below you will find a selection of articles and documents in different languages describing exemplary projects in the field of singing with children and young people and especially singing with disabled and non-disabled singers (under the name of "Hearts-in-Harmony" and "Coeurs-en-Choeurs", partly included in Uniting Youth in Song). These projects, collected by the partners of "Uniting Youth in Song" should serve as "examples of good practice" to inspire others.


Singing with disabled and non-disabled singers:

Hearts in Harmony - Overview

Music and Handicap (Europa Cantat Magazine 03/2010)
A sign-language choir in Norway
Journeys out of isolation - how to integrate a disabled singer

Coeurs en Choeurs chaque jour

Choralies 2010: On ne voit bien qu'avec le Choeur

A choir for singers with Parkinson (in French)

Electronic magazine on Coeurs-en-Choeurs in France (in French)
Report about CorsambCor, Barcelona 2010

Music robots for handicapped people

Also see video on Music Robots here


Other exemplare projects:

Anti-drug campaign sees Lithuanian boys' choirs mushroom
Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion (ECmagazine 1/2010)

Also check examples on the power of social signing on our youtube channel:
http://www.youtube.com/ECAEC for example here