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Get to know Ruben


I am 25 years old, from Utrecht (the Netherlands).

I am a choir conductor and arranger. Besides this, I have been in several boards, amongst them the board of the Dutch Choir Festival and the Dutch Student Chamber Choir.

Currently, I am also artistic director of VolKoren.tv, an online video platform about the Dutch choir world.

When / where did you first come in contact with choral music?

When I was 11 years old, I first participated in a regional Night of the Proms, where I also sang my first solo. That was very exciting for me! Afterwards I joined a youth choir in the city where I lived, and things progressed from there.


What is the greatest experience you’ve had inside the choral world?

Although there are many experiences to choose from, mine definitely would be Eurochoir of 2013. What a life changing experience that was! This is also where I was first introduced to ECA-EC.


Which activities of ECA-EC have you participated in, and what is your experience of it?

I have participated in Eurochoirs ’13, ’14 and ’16 and also Europa Cantat ’15. The first one is, as you now know, my greatest choir experience ever, but I have enjoyed every other very much as well. As a Youth Committee member, I have also attended the General Assembly of ECA-EC of 2016. The international aspect of the events really help to expand your horizon, and to become aware of which other peoples and cultures there are.


What is your favorite flavour ice cream?

I like fruity flavours, but also cookie dough!