due to the Easter holidays you did not receive a newsletter in March, instead the April newsletter reaches you before the end of the month. Today we want to inform you about upcoming deadlines for some of our summer activities, the results of the International Competition for Young Choral Conductors in St. Petersburg, issue 1/2013 of our magazine presenting details of the VOICE project, and the collection of “Lullabies of the world” we are preparing in cooperation with Carus-Verlag and for which we are looking for testimonials from people who have sung or are singing lullabies (thank you very much in advance for your cooperation!).

In addition we have received many news from the different European and international organisations we belong to (IFCM, Musica International, European and International Music Council), which are also interesting for you and which we are therefore sharing with you in this newsletter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

With best regards

Sonja Greiner
Secretary General
on behalf of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat

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01 Acitivites 2013 - Deadlines
02 Results of Conductors' Competition
03 VOICE in ECmagazine 1/2013
04 Lullabies of the World – help us!
05 News from our members (Belgium)
06 International Choral news – IFCM etc
07 European Forum on Music - Glasgow
08 IMC Fellowships / Call for Videos
09 Musica International on smartphones
10 CAE – Update on Creative Europe

Acitivites 2013 - Deadlines

The Residential Conducting Course  organised by the Association of British Choral Directors in connection with the Worcester International Festival for Young Singers, 22-26 July in Worcester, UK, has a deadline for applications on May 10th 2013. The course is for conductors aged 18-30, focussing on English repertoire with a tutorial team of well-known British choral conductors. Further information >> here

The Singing Week in Vic (Catalonia, Spain), 22 – 29/7/2013, has fixed a new deadline for applications on 31/5/2013. More information >> here 

The conference “Voices of the Mediterranean” in Girona (Catalona, Spain), 29/7 – 1/8/2013, has also set a new deadline. Applications should be sent by 31/5/2013. Further information and the detailed programme of the conference can be found by the end of April >> here

Applications for the 10th Oratorio Choir Academy in Pomáz (Hungary), 11-21/07/2013, must be sent by 30/4/2013, detailed information can be found >> here 

Applications are also still open for the Eurochoir in Pécs (Hungary), 10 – 17/8/2013, until 31/5/2013. Detailed information can be found >> here

Results of Conductors' Competition

Donka Miteva (BG) winner of Competition for Young Choral Conductors in St. Petersburg
At the 7th International Competition for Young Choral Conductors in St Petersburg, Russia, April 3rd-7th, 33-year old conductor Donka Miteva from Bulgaria won the overall 1st prize as well as several special prizes. The 2nd prize of the competition was won by Eun Hye Cho from South Korea and the third prize went to Anton Maximov from Russia.
The special prize of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat which consists of an
assistant conductorship at the EUROPA CANTAT festival in Pécs, Hungary in 2015 was given to Yuval Weinberg from Israel and the scholarship for a promising young conductor, offered by the Noël Minet Fund of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat went to Zoltán Dévity from Hungary.

Further special prizes went to Alexander Humala from Belarus (finalist), Anastasia Belyaeva from Russia and Krastin Nastev from Bulgaria as well as  Eun Hye Cho and Anton Maximov. Further details can be found in the full Press Release >> here, the full result list with all prizes and special prizes can be found >> here.
2 participants of the competition (Yuval Weinberg and Alexander Humala) received a scholarship of the Noël Minet Fund for their participation in this event.

The 2013 edition of the International Competition for Young Choral Conductors, combined with the first International Forum of Choral Conductors in Russia, was organised by the Centre of International Cooperation "Inter Aspect" in collaboration with the St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts and the Central-Eastern European Centre of ECA-EC.
Choral organisations in Europe are encouraged to also invite the newly discovered conducting talents from this year’s competition as workshop leaders to their future events.

VOICE in ECmagazine 1/2013

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About VOICE...
The next edition of the European Choral Magazine is dedicated to the VOICE project. You will discover some of the activities that are developed in the frame of our European Cooperation Project, and read the testimonies of  numerous participants from all over Europe. The articles will also be published online on our website www.thevoiceproject.eu

Lullabies of the World – help us!

Do you like lullabies? Let us know!
We are working with the editor Carus-Verlag on a collection of "Lullabies of the World" with a book (to be published in June with translations of the texts into German and in autumn with English texts) as well as a dedicated website (with scores and English translations), in the frame of our VOICE project. Singing lullabies is an essential way to transmit the love of music to the next generations. We would need some testimonials of your experience with lullabies, why, when and with whom you have sung or are singing lullabies, or how it changed your life, your relation with your parents or your children. Please send us an email to info@eca-ec.org

News from our members (Belgium)

New President for choral association in Wallonie
Noël Minet, President of the Fédération Chorale Wallonie-Bruxelles - A Coeur Joie Belgique  for 22 years, has decided to step down from this position and has become Honorary President of the association. Noël, who was also Board member and President of Europa Cantat, President of A Cœur Joie International and Board member of IFCM during many years, has been a key figure for choral life in Europe and has contributed greatly to the development of choral life in Europe and beyond – and will certainly continue to do so. We are still regularly in touch with him as former President and as main donor of the Noël Minet Fund and we last invited him to speak on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the European Federation of Young Choirs in Bonn in February 2013. Thank you very much, Noël!
Séverine Delforge (current member of the Board of ECA-EC), who was Vice-President of the Wallonian choral association until now, is the newly elected President -  congratulations! We wish her all the best!

Choral composer Vic Nees dies
 Vic Nees, choral composer, conductor, musicologist, columnist and defender of Flemish music, died on 14 March 2013. His death is a grave loss for the choral world. Every Flemish choir has undoubtedly sung music by Vic Nees. His compositions were very popular abroad and choirs throughout the world performed his music in concert.
Vic Nees (1936-2013) was born in Malines (Mechelen), Belgium, in 1936, He was the son of composer and carillon player Staf Nees (1901-1965). He studied composition under Flor Peeters at the Royal Flemish Conservatorium of Music in Antwerp (Koninklijk Vlaams Conservatorium, Antwerpen) and choral conducting in Hamburg under Kurt Thomas. He was a producer of choral music at the Flemish Radio in Brussels from 1961 to 1970. He was also conductor of the Radio Choir from 1970 to 1996. He played an important role in the choral life of his country and was a member of the jury in many international competitions. Experienced as a conductor of non-professional choirs and involved in amateur choral activities, he knew exactly how to adapt new techniques to the potential of amateur singers. As a composer, he devoted himself mainly to choral music in which text and music blend together in a natural way. In the Low Countries, his choral works are ranked amongst the most remarkable of the last century. His compositions can be heard everywhere, both in and outside Europe. His Magnificat in particular is sung worldwide. After his retirement, composing became his main activity. De zee is een orkest (2000), Trumpet Te Deum (2003), Requiem (2007) and Passio super Galli cantu (2010) are the most important works of that period. In 2011, Davidfonds and Koor&Stem published a monography and catalogue about the composer, called O song.
On the occasion of his death, organisation for vocal music Koor&Stem vzw has written a eulogy entitled Et lux, et lux, et lux perpetua.

International Choral news – IFCM etc

Visiting the IFCM General Assembly at the ACDA-convention in Dallas and América Cantat in Bogotá

In the 2nd part of March Board and staff members of ECA-EC visited major choral events on the American continent:
President Gábor Móczár, representative of ECA-EC on the Board of IFCM, visited the IFCM General Assembly at the ACDA convention in Dallas, USA. Board members Jan Schumacher, Reijo Kekkonen and Jean-Claude Wilkens also visited the event in different functions. You will find more about the event here: acda.org/page.asp
A week later Treasurer Koenraad De Meulder and Secretary General Sonja Greiner visited the América Cantat festival in Bogotá, Colombia, a "sister event" of the EUROPA CANTAT festival, where almost 1.200 participants (including 21 choirs) from 36 countries on 4 continents participated in a workshop programme of  choral music across the American continent (plus one EUROPA CANTAT workshop conducted by Josep Vila from Catalonia, Spain). In addition the festival had invited vocal groups and choirs from across the world, including the Swingle Singers, Witloof Bay, Entrevoces from Cuba, the Philippine Madrigal Singers and choirs from Venezuela. There was also a group “Time Ensemble” with former singers of the World Youth Choir. Visit the Facebook page of the festival for further information, pictures and films: www.facebook.com/AmericaCantat7
and find an article by Koenraad de Meulder >> here

News from the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) 

Irish Composer Awarded Top International Choral Prize
by International Federation for Choral Music 

The last months five leading international composers worked their way through 637 choral compositions from every corner of the globe, to select a First Prize in the International Federation for Choral Music’s Second International Composition Competition.
The Jury for the 2nd IFCM International Composition Competition has selected Irish-born composer (now living in Germany) Francis Corcoran (* 1944), who was awarded the First Prize for his stunning choral work Eight Haikus. For his award winning work, Francis has been awarded 5000 EUR and a Diploma from IFCM. The large number of submissions displayed the vast growth in the competition and interest in new choral music from the composition community.
The judges, who had to evaluate well over 600 choral compositions from around the world submitted for this competition, were Olli Kortekangas (Finland), Graham Lack (Uk/ Germany), Libby Larsen (USA), John Pamintunian (The Philippines) and Paul Stanhope (Australia). They awarded further special prizes and mentions. For the full press release and results see >> here
The next IFCM International Competition for Choral Composition is planned for 2014. 


European Forum on Music - Glasgow

News from the European Music Council (EMC)
European Forum on Music and
EMC Youth Day in
The EMC Youth Day (April 18th) and the European Forum on Music (April 19th to 21st 2013) in Glasgow are happening while you will be receiving this newsletter. Sessions include latest news on the “Creative Europe” programme with Ann Branch, Community Bulding through Music, Youth as Resource and much more. The European Choral Association – Europa Cantat will have a strong presence at this forum, with President Gábor Móczár, Board member Martí Ferrer, Secretary General Sonja Greiner, VOICE Project Manager Côme Ferrand Cooper and three members of the Youth Committee Catherine Al-Ghabra, Flannery Ryan and Jesse Boere.  There will be an Open Singing session with a short video from the EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Turin, an exhibition on architecture and music which was first shown in Turin in 2012, and a presentation on the impact a EUROPA CANTAT Festival has on the host city. 
You will be able to read reports about the events on www.emc-imc.org/efm
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IMC Fellowships / Call for Videos

News from the International Music Council (IMC)

Music World News
The IMC Music World News eBulletin presents music news from around the world - brought to you by the International Music Council. The bulletin is emailed to subscribers every two weeks free of charge. It reaches more than 70 countries on all five continents. Click here to subscribe.

1001 Voices on Musical Futures: Call for Videos
While over a thousand music professionals are expected to gather in Brisbane from 21-24 November for the 5th IMC World Forum on Music it is obvious that many others won't be able to join for a variety of reasons. To ensure that their ideas and opinions can feed into this important event, a dedicated YouTube channel has been created. Between now and November 2013, the organisers hope to post '1001 Voices on Musical Futures', where, in no more than five minutes, interviewees summarise the key issues they identify as crucial to sustaining music and engaging communities as we approach 2020 and beyond. The first recordings are now live at http://www.youtube.com/user/1001voicesWFM5 
Members of ECA-EC are also invited and encouraged to submit their own videos. Further information and a detailed instruction on how to submit a video in five easy steps can be found >> here

International Music Fellows
The International Music Council (IMC) is pleased to announce the establishment of a new recognition programme: the International Music Fellow.  This programme is designed to honour deserving individuals whilst at the same time supporting the efforts of the International Music Council through a donation. Candidates may be nominated by any individual, group of individuals, organisation, NGO, public authority or private company, which contribute €1,000 or more to the IMC in the name of their candidate.
Guidelines for nomination as well as the nomination form are available on the IMC website. Nominations for recognition at the 5th World Forum on Music in Brisbane (21-24 November 2013) should be received on or before 15th August 2013.

Musica International on smartphones

News from the Musica International 

The Musica database now easily accessible with your Smartphone!

Great news for the addicts of smartphones: when connecting to www.musicanet.org (or even simply to "musicanet.org") with a smartphone, you will now be automatically connected to a version adapted for your phone, for searching in the database and getting access to all the data describing the selected scores, including the multimedia features (audio, text,...). This can be especially practical during a rehearsal, when travelling, or anywhere, in order to check for instance a translation or a correct pronunciation! It is nevertheless better to use the full website with a computer, because we have limited for the moment the Smartphone version to the single main option of Musica, ie search in the database. Composer and publisher databases can be accessed from a record of score corresponding to the composer or to the publisher. Try it! It is free.

CAE – Update on Creative Europe

News from the Culture Action Europe 

Culture Action Europe on the perspective for the New Creative Europe Programme
Organisations in the field of Culture in Europe are getting worrying indications concerning the possible impact of the cuts proposed by the national Governments to the EU budget for 2014-2020. Pressures to cut funds to culture in favor of other policy have grown during the last days and there could be a real risk to see the funds for the Creative Europe programme substantially cut down. Culture Action Europe therefore formulated a letter to Commission President  Jose Manuel Barroso and called for as many organisaitons to support and sign this letter – the call was sent to the membership of ECA-EC who partly responded by adding their signature to the letter – thank you very much to all those who participated!
The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat as member of the European Music Council and Culture Action Europe is in close touch with those who are following the developments in Brussels in details. We will update our membership as soon as news will be available. 

Save the date: the European Culture Forum will take place
 in Brussels on 4, 5 and 6 November 2013

On 4-6 November, the European Commission will organise the 2013 edition of the European Culture Forum, an event that takes place in Brussels every two years, gathering more than 1.000 cultural operators and “Creative Europe stakeholders”. The programme is not yet available.

The European Choral Association is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, by the German Ministry of Youth (BMFSFJ) and the City of Bonn
German Ministry of YouthCity of BonnCreative Europe


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