Below you will find the newsletter of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat July 2013 with information on the summer holidays in our office, a report on the festival Youth Choirs in Movement in Bonn, a press release concerning the World Youth Choir, information on our programme 2014 and on a new activity coming up in Lebanon in autumn 2013, a call for participation in the survey "Singing Europe" in the frame of VOICE, news from our Youth Committee and on the festival EUROPA CANTAT 2015 in Pécs as well as from the European and International Music Council and Culture Action Europe.

Please do not forget to check our Website and Facebook page in the coming weeks for reports from the different activities which are already happening and will happen in Catalonia (Spain), France, Hungary, Italy and the UK.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

With best regards

Sonja Greiner
Secretary General
on behalf of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat

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02 Brochure with 2014 Programme online
03 Project in Lebanon - choir wanted
04 Youth Choirs in Movement in Bonn
05 World Youth Choir News
06 News from our Youth Committee
07 VOICE - How many singers in Europe?
09 News from our members: Maria Martorell
10 Call for Videos
11 WFM5 Registration opens
12 Latest update on Creative Europe


We are starting into the summer period all over Europe and also our staff is starting to go on holidays. 
Secretary General Sonja Greiner will be traveling to different meetings and events July 25th to August 5th (reading and answering mails whenever possible during this time) and will be on holidays August 10th to September 2nd 2013.
Office Manager Anna Maric will be on holidays from July 22nd until August 9th and will do one week of home office August 12th to 16th. She will be back in the office on August 18th 2013.
Project Manager Côme Ferrand Cooper will be traveling to different meetings and events followed by holidays and will be out of the office from July 25th. He will read his mails until August 1st and between August 14th and 18th and will be back in the office from August 27th 2013.
Volunteer Marlene Maier, main organiser of the festival Youth Choirs in Movement, is attending an event until August 1st and will be back in the office from August 2nd to August 16th when she will be ending her volunteer year with ECA-EC - thank you very much to her for the wonderful work she has done during this year!
This means that our office will be physically closed July 25th to August 1st and August 12th to August 18th, but somebody will always be checking mails. Messages left on the answering machine of our office phones will also be forwarded to us by mail as well as faxes. 

Brochure with 2014 Programme online

You can now download the brochure or the calendar-flyer with our programme of events for 2014.

Individual PDFs for the different events will be uploaded in the coming weeks. The paper version of the brochure and the flyer will be distributed at ECA-EC events at the end of July and in August 2013. The brochure will also be mailed to all members and to all those who have participated in earlier events or have asked to be informed regularly, sometime in August 2013.

Project in Lebanon - choir wanted

The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat cooperated with partners in Lebanon, Epilogi (Cyprus) and the Mediterranean Office for Choral Singing in Barcelona for the project "Voices in Harmony". The project aims to bring 100 Singers from Lebanon, Cyprus, Catalonia and one further EU-country to Lebanon for 5 days.  The theme of the project is to perform sacred music from Christian (Greek, Orthodox, Coptic) and Muslim chanting in different languages, and there will be workshops, concerts and discussion meetings among the young people.

The organisers are now looking for a group of young singers (aged 15 to 25) from a member country of the European Union that would be interested and able to participate in this project from October 24th (arrival in the morning) to October 29th 2013 (departure day). The choir will have to perform a programme of sacred (religious) music of 20 to 30 minutes. The project can cover costs for food and accommodation as well as local transport for a group of 10 to 15 people (including 1 conductor), travel expenses have to be covered by the choir itself. If the choir wishes to travel with a bigger group, the additional costs for food and accommodation will also have to be covered by the choir. For further information please contact the project manager Dana S. Daoud at danad@lessdb.com.

The project Voices in Harmony is organised by the University of the Holy Spirit Kaslik (USEK) in Lebanon, in cooperation with  Cultural Movement Epilogi - Jeunesses Musicales Cyprus, the Arab Academy of Music (Arab League) and the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (Germany) with its Mediterranean Office for Choral Singing (Catalonia, Spain) and has received financial support from the European Union. 

Youth Choirs in Movement in Bonn

Festival Youth Choirs in Movement gathered over 900 children and young people in Bonn 

From July 10th to 14th 2013 over 900 children and young people from 9 countries filled the city of Bonn with their songs for the festival Youth Choirs in Movement 3. About half of them were from choirs in Bonn and the surrounding region, and they hosted most of the foreign choirs coming from Bulgaria, China, Italy, Latvia, Russia, Serbia, Spain and Turkey. There were four major concerts (an opening concert presenting three sample choirs, a concert featuring almost all choirs of the festival and two final atelier concerts) with over 1.000 people in the audience each, as well as six parallel choir-to-choir concerts where two to four choirs sang for each other and also attracted a good audience.

During three mornings the choirs rehearsed in nine parallel Ateliers which combined singing and movement in many different ways, from simple songs for children (the youngest barely being 5 years old) to an experimental performance of Aglepta with teenagers, from famous musicals to songs with nonsense texts, from s(w)inging boys to singing with sign language. They were lead by renowned conductors from Germany, France, Finland, Italy, the Netherlands and Norway and conductors with Japanese and Russian backgrounds living in Germany, some of them supported by choreographers. The final concerts showed a colourful mix of boys and girls, children and teenagers, different music styles and different combinations of singing and movement and included a surprise presentation of the "conductors' choir" as well as two world premieres: Chris Artley's "The Mock Turtle's Song" which won the composition competition organised by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat in the frame of the festival and was performed by Atelier 1, and Lin Da Laj by Alexej Larin, commissioned for the festival and performed by Atelier 4.

Further details about the festival can be found in the programme booklet >> here

First films of the festival can be found on our YouTube Channel and in a special playlist >> here – further films will be uploaded during the coming weeks.
First pictures can be found in a Picasa album >> here, further pictures will be uploaded during the coming weeks.

A first Press Review with articles which were published in the Generalanzeiger Bonn during and after the festival can be found  >> here.  


World Youth Choir News

The Foundation World Youth Choir is happy to announce that Mr. Håkan Wickström (IFCM) was elected new President of the Foundation World Youth Choir. Wickström is succeeding as President Mr. Blasko Smilevski (JMI).

The election was held in the frame of a meeting held in Croatia due to the preparations for the 2014 summer session in organized by Jeunesses Musicales Croatia and the World Youth Choir foundation, in cooperation with several partner organizations in South - Eastern Europe and in the frame of the 25th Anniversary celebration of the World Youth Choir. The session will be followed by a tour with concerts in Croatia, and further countries in the region (the exact dates in July 2014 and further details will be confirmed at the end of 2013). See you in Croatia 2014!

Further details can be found in the full Press Release >> here.

News from our Youth Committee

Receive a unique UNESCO Youth Forum Label to Kickstart your Choral Yout-led Action Project

For the first time in its history, the UNESCO Youth Forum will be handing out UNESCO Youth Forum Labels. These labels will be a mark of quality and feasibility, and a concrete recognition of the young initiators of the winning projects, offering a boost in their work. It will also be a starting point for the implementation of the projects, by helping to mobilize support, funds, partnerships and international visibility. The following are 7 themes of the the 8th UNESCO Youth Forum which will take place at UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, from 29 to 31 October 2013: Social inclusion; Civic engagement and participation; Social entrepreneurship and innovation; Prevention of violence and conflicts; Intercultural dialogue; Democracy; Skills development.

Have you got creative and innovative ideas related to one of these themes? Then send in your proposal for an innovative action project to be implemented in your community, country or region, by 12 August 2013 - International Youth Day.We highly encourage all young people connected to ECA-EC to take this opportunity and pitch a choral project. We feel a choral project can flawlessly touch upon many of the 7 themes of the UNESCO Youth Forum and feel it could be an amazing chance to put choral singing more on the map than ever before!

Click >> here for more information and to submit a project proposal.

VOICE - How many singers in Europe?

How many people are singing in Europe? We don't know either! Help us find out! If you sing with other people (in a choir, an ensemble, a vocal band, with friends, etc.) please help us and answer our short online survey at www.singingeurope.org
Singing Europe is a non-commercial, community driven, pilot research programme to produce reliable statistical data on "people singing together". This knowledge will help national and European organisations set up programmes that better address the needs of the singing community and convince policy makers to support it.

Singing Europe is part of the EU-funded project VOICE - Vision on Innovation for Choral Music in Europe, coordinated by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat in cooperation with 13 partners in 11 countries. More on www.thevoiceproject.eu


Croatia, as one of the Southern neighbouring countries with whom the organizers of the Pécs festival aim to have a strong musical cooperation joined the European Union as the 28th member on 1st July. To celebrate the occasion a unique open-air concert was held in the Zsolnay Cultural Centre in Pécs by the Lipa Choir from twin city Osijek and the Mecsek Choir in collaboration with the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra on 30th June. You can check video and photos of the concert here: http://goo.gl/ejbYA

EuroChoir is starting soon

Tickets are already on sale for the EuroChoir concertsfor 15th in the Kodály Centre in Pécs and 16th August in the city of Szekszárd. The 63 singers will perform a collection of Hungarian, Balkan and international repertoir proposed and conducted by Tamás Lakner and Alessandro Cadario.

The new promotion film for the festival will be out soon!


News from our members: Maria Martorell

Maria Martorell celebrating her 90th birthday and receiving the "Sant Jordi Cross"

In May 2013, the Catalan Government awarded its highest distinction, the "Sant Jordi Cross" to Maria Martorell in appreciation of her merits. 


Maria Martorell has been an educator for more than 40 years and has played an important role in the field of children’s choirs, particularly within the Secretariat de Corals Infantils de Catalunya (SCIC). In 1962, together with other musicians she founded choir L’Esquitx (children’s section of Oriol Martorell’s Coral Sant Jordi). In 1967, seeing the need to give children the chance to make music as an essential part of their education –a task not done by the schools at the time-  she founded Secretariat de Corals Infantils de Catalunya together with a small group of other choirs. Through Oriol Martorell, Maria was connected to the European Federation of Young Choirs (later Europa Cantat, now European Choral Association - Europa Cantat) from the very beginning, and in 1997 SCIC became a member of our association. During the first 20 years of SCIC, Maria was part of the leading team and searched for new repertoire, adapted foreign songs to the Catalan language, organized seminars for conductors, choir exchanges and Trobades (choir gatherings), etc.  From 1989 till 1997 she was Secretary to SCIC’s General Coordinators. Subsequently, she headed the team of editors of La Circular del SCIC until 2011,often re-printing interesting articles from ECmagazine, and she continues being involved as advisor. 


The "Creu de Sant Jordi" (Sant Jordi Cross), created in 1981 by the Generalitat de Catalunya, is the highest award that an individual person may receive in recognition of distinguished services to the Catalan community. Maria Martorell received it on May 15, 2013. A few days later, on June 26, she celebrated her 90th anniversary.

Maria, our warmest congratulations on behalf of all those in the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat who know you and would like to thank you for your tremendous contribution to the development of choral life in Catalonia - and in Europe!




Call for Videos

The European Music Council (EMC) forwarded to us a call for videos from the "Working Group on Arts Rights and Justice of the EU Access to Culture Civil Society Platform" in which the EMC is a member. The call is for 2-minute videos on the right to freedom of artistic expression and creation:

The Working group on Arts Rights and Justice of the EU Access to Culture Civil Society Platform wishes to underline the importance of the UN special report “The Right to Freedom of Artistic Expression and Creation” during a meeting with members of the European Parliament (Human Rights, Culture and other Parliamentary Committees) as well as diverse representatives of the European Commission. This meeting is scheduled to take place early October 2013 in Brussels. The issues dealt with in the report are censorship (political and religious), safe havens for refugees and at risk artists, access to artistic expression for all minorities, freedom of movement, assembly, use of public space, etc.
During the meeting we would like to offer artists the opportunity to make their voice heard, particularly those who are confronted with one or more of these issues in their day-to-day practice, and/or living and working under conditions of restriction or risk.
You can make your voice heard by sending us a two minutes video that explains your personal situation, or the situation in your country or region.
Find the full Call and detailed instructions on how to prepare and send the videos >> here.

WFM5 Registration opens

Be part of the Future of Music: Registration for the IMC World Forum on Music in Brisbane is open. The presenters of the 5th IMC World Forum on Music are happy to announce that registrations for WFM5 are now open at www.worldforumonmusic.org

Join 1,000 music professionals and arts enthusiasts from all over the world as they discuss, plan and experience the future of music in its myriad of forms and contexts. Whether you are a performer or administrator, journalist or educator, student or aficionado, immerse yourself in the global musical experience of a lifetime. 

Early bird: By registering before August 21, you benefit from a 20 AUD reduction. Special rates are available for members of the International Music Council and their affiliates (thus also for members of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat). Are you aged 30 or younger?  Then you can benefit from a substantially reduced fee. 

WFM5 registration fees take into account the diversity of economic capacity worldwide, by using the Human Development Index categorisation. Once you will have chosen your country of residence in the registration form, the system will automatically calculate your registration fee and apply the early-bird reduction (if applicable). 

For questions, please write to wfm5[at]imc-cim.org

REMINDER: 1001 Voices on Musical Futures:
Call for Videos of the International Music Council
for the 5th World Forum on Music
Instructions on how to submit your video in five easy steps can be found >> here

Latest update on Creative Europe

Culture Action Europe (CAE) informed its membership about the recent developments concerning the new EU Culture Programme "Creative Europe" from 2014
Last week there were two meetings, one with the DG Education and Culture and one with Commissioner Vassiliou. During these meetings, it was said that:
As expected since the Member States' agreement on the multiannual EU budget, on February, the global budget for Creative Europe will be 1.29 bn Euros  (compared to the 1.6 bn initially proposed by the EC). This is an increase of around 9% compared to the current programme for 2007-2013.

As requested by CAE in order to guarantee that the level of grants in the new programme will be equivalent to the current one, the programme’s Financial Guarantee facility will only be activated in 2016. 2015 will be dedicated to capacity building for the financial intermediaries that will manage the facility. According to what was said, 121 million Euros will be allocated to fund this financial instrument.

The later activation of the Financial Guarantee facility provides everybody with an opportunity to work on the regulation concerning how the facility will be implemented and to advocate to secure access for cultural organisations and the involvement of financial intermediaries capable of assessing demands coming from small and medium-sized cultural organisations.

The legal basis for Creative Europe should eventually be approved by the European Parliament in the plenary session on 27 September.
CAE will get back to us with more in depth analysis and comments as soon as the official documents are available.    Even if it is not yet fulfilling the current and future perspectives, the 9% increase for culture and media together with the later activation of the financial instrument (if all confirmed), can be considered as a positive outcome of the efforts of Culture Action Europe considering that the overall EU budget has been reduced for the first time in the history of the Union. 
The CAE team

The European Choral Association is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, by the German Ministry of Youth (BMFSFJ) and the City of Bonn
German Ministry of YouthCity of BonnCreative Europe


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