Below you will find the newsletter of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat November 2013 with which we would like to report on our General Assembly and Conference in Pécs and the handing over of the archives of IDOCO to ECA-EC. Also we would like to remind you about a deadline and indicate some changes which have occured since we printed our programme of activities 2014 and as usual we also want to share with you some news from our Youth Committee, from the festival in Pécs and on the project VOICE as well as news from the International Federation for Choral Music, the European and International Music Council and Culture Action Europe.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

With best regards

Sonja Greiner
Secretary General
on behalf of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat

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01 Getting Inspired in Pécs
02 ECA-EC will host archives of IDOCO
03 VOICE Symposium in Budapest
04 New information on 2014 events
05 ECA-EC at World Forum on Music
06 The choral world can help the Philippines
07 News from our Youth Committee
08 Lullabies of the World
09 New promo videos from Pécs
10 News from our Partners - Carus
11 World Choral Day - 8/12/2013
12 Anniversary of the EMC in Bonn
13 IMC Musical Rights Awards
14 Culture Action Europe Conference

Getting Inspired in Pécs

On November 8th to 10th 2013 members and partners of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat met in Pécs for a General Assembly and Conference under the title “Inspiring cooperation through VOICE”. It was the last event of the association in 2013, an anniversary year marked by celebrations 50 years after the foundation of the “European Federation of Young Choirs” in 1963 and by a very rich and diverse programme.

Around 130 musicians and representatives of choral organisations from 22 European countries, Israel and Lebanon came together to get inspired, meet and talk and discuss future cooperation during three days. 

In the formal General Assembly the Board elected in November 2012 presented a strategy for the coming years under the title  “Benefit from the Singing Community!”  The conference was a mixture of presentations of the VOICE project, examples of cooperation happening among VOICE partners and the different research projects planned in the frame of VOICE, as well as “inspirational sessions”.

Read the full Press Release >> here
Find first pictures >> here
(copyright: Europa Cantat Pécs 2015, name of photographer: László Tóth)
Further pictures as well as documents from the General Assembly
to be published on the Website of ECA-EC soon


ECA-EC will host archives of IDOCO

In November 2013, after an intense cooperation process, the Presidents of IDOCO and the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA-EC), Mr. Wolfgang Schröfel and Mr. Gábor Móczár, signed an agreement on the incorporation of the archives and the history of IDOCO into the archives of ECA-EC.

The members of IDOCO have decided the dissolution of the association for the end of 2013. Wolfgang Schröfel, President of IDOCO, then agreed with the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA-EC) that the archives of IDOCO and its history shall be integrated into ECA-EC in order to preserve the memory of the association beyond its dissolution.

With the agreement signed the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat engages itself on preserving the history and memory of the international movement of workers’ choirs.

Read the full Press Release >> here
Find the signed Agreement >> here


VOICE Symposium in Budapest

CALL FOR PROPOSALS - International Symposium on Singing in Music Education
"How can singing belong to everyone?"
23 - 27/4/2014 Budapest (HU)

The International Symposium on Singing in Music Education, which will take place in the frame of the VOICE project in April 2014, has launched an open call for submissions of proposals (lectures, presentations , workshops, demonstrations, demonstrating ensembles) for the following themes which will be presented and discussed at the symposium:
1: Formal singing-based music education at school
2: Non-formal music learning opportunities after school
3: Benefits of singing in communities on our society
4: Music teacher and/or choral conductor training? 

Please consult the Symposium's website at symposium2014.kota.hu. The deadline for submissions was postponed to November 20th 2013 - so you still have a chance of sending your proposals via the Website.

The Symposium will be organised by the Association of Hungarian Choirs and Orchestras (KÓTA) and the Ferenc Liszt Academy of Music.


New information on 2014 events

Changes of dates and other changes in the programme 2014

Masterclass for conductors in Vaison-la-Romaine: a wrong date was indicated in the brochure on the page about the event in the contents and calendar the dates were already correct: 27 - 31/7/14

The Polyfollia festival will take place in St Lô and was moved to 21 - 26/10/14, the CAMP was moved to: 20 - 27/10/14

The names of the conductors for the Eurochoir 2014 have been published: Geoffroy Jourdin (FR) and Lone Larsen (DK/SE)

The dates of the World Symposium on Choral Music, organised by IFCM in Seoul, South Korea, have been advanced by 1 day: 6 - 13/8/2014


ECA-EC at World Forum on Music

Strong presence of ECA-EC at the IMC World Forum on Music in Brisbane

The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat will show a strong presence at the IMC World Forum on Music in Brisbane, Australia, November 21st to 24th 2013.
Secretary General Sonja Greiner, who will be ending her mandate as member of the Executive Board and Treasurer of the International Music Council will be present as well as Board member Daphne Wassink, a candidate to the IMC Executive Board. Jesse Boere, chair of the Youth Committee of ECA-EC will also be present as member of IMC Youth for which he is a candidate again. 
Sonja Greiner will chair a session on "Choral music - connecting communities" which will include an Open Singing, the screening of an Australian documentary, the presentation of an African Choir festival, the Virtual Choir project and a film under the title "The Power of Singing" showing scenes from the festival EUROPA CANTAT 2012 in Turin, Italy, introduced by Daphne Wassink.
There will also be a presentation of the Lullabies of the World project and Website (part of VOICE) in the frame of a session on Early Childhood Music Education. 

The choral world can help the Philippines

You have all read and seen the news about the terrible Typhoon in the Philippines which has caused tremendous damage, has killed many people, made others homeless and turned many children to orphans. There is a strong choral community in the Philippines (with choirs in the region hit by the Typhoon also strongly affected by it) and they have immediately started organising fundraising concerts to help those in need.
We call on the choral community in Europe and other parts of the world to show solidarity and also help, personally or by organising fundraising concerts through choirs or organisations. Donations can go to any major help institution or, if you want to directly send money to an organisation in the Philippines you can donate to the Philippine National Red Cross in which the Philippine Choral Directors' Association PCDA has great trust: http://www.redcross.org.ph/donate

Of course you can also decide to donate the funds raised to a major international help organisation in your country, if you prefer this path to help.

Or you can follow the proposal of IFCM to use "IFCM World Choral Day" in December to raise funds for the Philippines
This is what you would have to do in this case:
1. Log onto the World Choral Day website and register your choir and concert details www.worldchoralday.org
2. Decide the world aid charity you wish to donate to and contact with your local branch
3. Promote your concerts in December as fundraising concerts for the relief efforts as part of the “IFCM World Choral Day” in your community, and use the IFCM WORLD CHORAL DAY logo on your promotions and programs
4. Collect donations at the door or donate the proceedings of your concert to your selected charity
5. Pass the donations you have collected to your selected charity as soon as possible
6. Download your images and register your information from the concert www.worldchoralday.org
7. On the website read about all the other great choral events around the world that have donated to the relief effort.

News from our Youth Committee

Fruitful Youth Committee meeting in Pécs
The Youth Committee of ECA-EC had a meeting before the General Assembly and conference of ECA-EC in Pécs. They looked back on a productive first year, took part in some of the parallel board meetings and discussed the planned activities for the coming years, including first preparations for a possible participation in the European Youth Event in Strasbourg in May 2014, the summer 2014 edition of ECmagazine, a third edition of the Youth Event Management Programme YEMP at the festival in Pécs in 2015, the enlargement of the Youth Network, future editions of the Eurochoir and much more.

Lullabies of the World

The Website for the collection of lullabies of the world, published by Carus-Verlag in cooperation with the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat has been launched. Under www.lullabiesoftheworld.org you will find the scores, pronunciation files and sing-along files as well as translations of the texts and much more. The book and CD are available both in German (under the title of "Wiegenlieder aus aller Welt") and in English (under the title "Lullabies of the World") directly from Carus-Verlag or from other sources.

 The website Lullabies of the World  is part of the EU-funded project VOICE - Vision on Innovation for Choral Music in Europe, coordinated by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat in cooperation with 13 partners in 11 countries. More on www.thevoiceproject.eu

New promo videos from Pécs

The wonderful young communication team in Pécs has published two new promo videos. One is a video made during the Eurochoir session 2013, telling you more about what the Eurochoir project is and how it feels to be part of it. Watch the video >> here  
The other is a new promo video for the festival EUROPA CANTAT XIX in Pécs. Watch this video >> here
Are you Hung(a)ry for singing? Then you must watch those videos and share them with your friends and colleagues!
More on the festival on www.ecpecs2015.hu or on Facebook.

News from our Partners - Carus

The collection of folk songs "Laula Kultani", produced by Carus-Verlag in cooperation with the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (version for mixed choirs) is going to be reprinted.

This offers the opportunity to correct possible mistakes.

If you have found mistakes, please send the information to wgraulich@carus-verlag.com before November 22nd 2013


World Choral Day - 8/12/2013

World Choral Day - an international choral event to extol the values of solidarity, peace and understanding. 
Thousands of choirs have joined in the celebration of World Choral Day on or around the 2nd Sunday in December in the past twenty years. Millions of singers across the globe have been involved in World Choral Day concerts, festivals, sing-alongs, choral seminars, Days of Friendship and other events.
World Choral Day will be on December 8th 2013  - why don't you join with your choir?
More on http://www.worldchoralday.org



Anniversary of the EMC in Bonn

The EMC celebrated its 40 + 10 anniversary
In 2003, ten years ago, the EMC was registrated under German law as an association (e.V.) based in Bonn, Germany. Furthermore, roughly 40 years ago, the origins of the EMC were laid out with the foundation of the regional group for Europe of the International Music Council (IMC).

To celebrate this, the EMC organised a reception at its office in the Haus der Kultur in Bonn, Germany in the frame of a board meeting. Short speeches were held by Stef Coninx, Chair of the EMC and Director of the Flanders Music Centre, Jürgen Nimptsch, Mayor of the City of Bonn, Dr. Stephan Koppelberg, Head of the regional representation of the European Commission in Bonn and Brian Rothschild, Co-Founder/Executive Director of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. The John Lennon Educational Tour Bus was the EMC's special guest on this occasion. The bus is a HD video recording and production facility and during its stop in Bonn two workshops with pupils from Bonn were held. The Bus will be constantly touring Europe and is always on the lookout for potential hosts. Click here to learn more about the project. Find some photos of the reception here.


Recipients of the 2013 IMC Musical Rights Awards announced


Culture Action Europe Conference

Culture Action Europe (CAE) General Assembly and Conference "It is not a crisis, it is a transition" in Rome

The Public Conference of Culture Action Europe (CAE) took place from 3 to 5 October in Rome, Italy. Entitled "It is not a crisis, it is a transition", the event represented a starting point for a new participative model within the organisation. Leading personalities from the cultural sector attended the conference and contributed with interesting elements to its sessions: the Italian Minister of Labour, the Vice-President and Spokesman of the Committee on Culture of the European Parliament, directors of culture and of the European Research Council of the European Commission, the Deputy Mayor for Culture of the City of Rome, representatives of OECD and the Gallup Foundation, among others. Mercedes Giovinazzo, Director of the Interarts Foundation and Chair of the Executive Committee of Culture Action Europe and Antonio Gucciardo, Interarts Foundation's General Manager, as well as representatives of pu blic and private cultural organisations, academia and civil society actively participated in debates, conferences and workshops included in the programme. During the conference the document "Culture as a Goal in the Post-2015 Development Agenda" was approved, in order to support the inclusion of a goal explicitly focused on culture in the new Development Agenda currently being prepared by the United Nations. On the same dates, Culture Action Europe held its 21st General Assembly in which new statutes and an action plan for the next five years were approved. (Photo: Culture Action Europe).  
Reprint from  Cyberkaris, the monthly electronic newsletter of the Interarts Foundation 

The European Choral Association is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, by the German Ministry of Youth (BMFSFJ) and the City of Bonn
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