Below you will find the newsletter of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat December 2013 in which you will find many reports in connection with the IMC World Forum on Music in Brisbane and the presence of ECA-EC there, but also documentation on our General Assembly and conference in Pécs in November, a reminder of the first deadline for a 2014 activity coming up at the end of the month and as usual news from VOICE, the EC festival in Pécs. In addition you will find information from the European and International Music Council and information on the new Creative Europe programme of the European Union. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

With best regards and Season's Greetings

Sonja Greiner
Secretary General
on behalf of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat

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01 Season's Greetings
02 Deadline approaching for Usedom
03 Obituary - Dolf Rabus
04 Documentation from Pécs online
05 End of Anniversary Year
06 Presenting our volunteer
07 Daphne Wassink elected to IMC Board
08 Jesse Boere elected to IMC Youth
09 IMC Musical Rights Awards
10 IMC World Forum on Music
11 VOICE in 2013
12 A Voice for Vocal Training
13 News from Pécs
14 World Youth Choir 2014
15 LEO Sings!
16 European Forum on Music
17 UNESCO: Declaration of Hangzhou
18 Creative Europe Call published
19 Office closed for holidays

Season's Greetings

Wishing all our members
and readers
Happy Holidays
and a good start into
the year 2014!

Deadline approaching for Usedom

December 31st 2013 is the deadline for applications for the 10th International Youth Chamber choir Meeting in Usedom (Germany, July 4th to 13th 2014) with workshops conducted by Martina Batič, Bo Johansson and Kjetil Aamann. More information on www.amj-musik.de/usedom2014 or from international@amj-musik.de. 

Obituary - Dolf Rabus

On December 18th we received the sad news that Dolf Rabus passed away after a long fight against his illness.

 Dolf Rabus was a grand figure in the choral world, not only physically. He was Secretary General of Europa Cantat from 1995 to 1999 and served among others as member of the Music Commission of Europa Cantat, former President and member of the executive Board of Musica International, Board Member and Treasurer of the International Federation for Choral Music - IFCM and member of the music commissions of various World Symposia on Choral Music in his long and intensive career in the international choral world. Furthermore, Dolf had multiple functions in Germany with the German Music Council and the Arbeitskreis Musik in der Jugend as well as with the umbrella organisation Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Chorverbände - BDC. 

Most of all he was the founder and director and even partly architect of the Bavarian Music Academy in Marktoberdorf and the founder of the International Chamber-Choir Competition Marktoberdorf and the festival Musica Sacra International as well as of the Choral Festival Network - CFN. Most recently he helped shape the programme of the Mediterranean Voices Conference in Girona as member of its Artistic Committee and he participated in the conference with his wife Hildegard, sharing his experience and material from many Musica Sacra festivals.

The choral world shall greatly miss Dolf Rabus, a grand visionary who made changes, a fighter, and somebody who truly believed in the peace-making power of (choral) music.

A service for Dolf Rabus will take place on December 27th at 14.00 in the St. Martin church in Memmingen. Letters of condolence can be sent to Dolf's wife Hildegard at the following address:
Hildegard Rabus
Im Mitteresch 52
87700 Memmingen

Our thoughts are with Hildegard, with the rest of Dolf's family and with all his friends across the world who will be suffering from this loss.

Documentation from Pécs online

Documentation from General Assembly
and VOICE Conference online

You will now find documentation from our General Assembly and VOICE conference on our Website.  In the password-protected part of our Website >> here, under "General Assemblies" our members will find all documents sent in advance and distributed at the General Assembly as well as the “Timeline” we displayed for the 50th anniversary celebration and several picture albums,
 On the official conference Website >> here you will find all documents from the conference "Inspiring cooperation through VOICE" which we can make available for the moment, including the keynote speech of Ferdinand Richard in English, French (his own translation) and German (our translation).

End of Anniversary Year

We ended our Anniversary Year 2013 with an Apéritif offered to our members after the General Assembly in Pécs and a birthday cake presented with birthday greetings by Péter Hoppál,  MP and Chairman of  the Cultural Commission in Pécs. Our anniversary celebrations remembering the official foundation of the "European Federation for Young Choirs - EFYC" in 1963, shortly after the signature of the Elysée contracts of French-German friendship, had started on February 14th with a reception in the Schumannhaus in Bonn. You can find an overview on our history on an illustrated "Timeline" >> here (You can turn the pages with your mouse).
We are now looking forward to celebrating the 60th anniversary of the AGEC (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Europäischer Chorverbände) in 2015. 

Presenting our volunteer

All those present in Pécs have already met our new volunteer Maximilian (Max) Rietschel. Max came to our office at the beginning of October and will stay until September 2014. He is doing a "volunteer year for culture" (Freiwilliges Soziales Jahr für Kultur) as did Milena, Sebastian, Gordian and Marlene before him. He will especially take care of our activities in Bonn, help us update the Website and Facebook, communicate with the Youth Committee and support the staff wherever help will be needed. You can contact Max under fsj@EuropeanChoralAssociation.org. 

Daphne Wassink elected to IMC Board

We are happy to report that Daphne Wassink (Board member of ECA-EC, The Netherlands), whose candidature had been supported by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat, was successfully elected to the Executive Board of the International Music Council in the frame of its General Assembly in Brisbane, Australia.
The new IMC Executive Board will work with Paul Dujardin (Belgium), who was elected new President of IMC. Further colleagues Daphne Wassink will work with on the Board are Jeremy Cox (UK, Executive Vice-President), Hisham Sahraf (Iraq/Jordan, Vice-president), Maria del Carmen Gil (Puerto Rico, Vice-President), Emily Akuno (Kenya, Treasurer) as well as Alfons Karabuda (Sweden), Hugues Gervais Onday (Congo), Valdemar Rodriguez (Venezuela), Ahti Väntinnen (Finland) and Yu Long (China).
Paul Dujardin  replaces Frans de Ruiter from The Netherlands who had served as president since October 2009 and who was elected Honorary Member of IMC together with Lars Grunt, former IMC Treasurer.
The General Assembly thanked all outgoing Board members including Sonja Greiner, IMC Treasurer since 2011, who had served on the Executive Board for six years and was thanked for work on IMC Finances as well as her achievements in supporting the Music Council of the Three Américas - COMTA. 

Jesse Boere elected to IMC Youth

ECA-EC’s Youth Committee is proud to announce the reelection of their Chair, Jesse Boere (Netherlands) into the IMC Youth Committee during the IMC World Forum on Music 2013 and thus reestablishing a strong bond between the two Youth Committees. The new Committee is composed of young representatives of seven IMC member organization, coming from the Americas, the Arab World, Asia-Oceania and Europe. and will be completed by three cooptations in the coming months. 

Apart from his reelection, Jesse could also voice strong points concerning the needs and goals of youth during some of the forum sessions.

Back home in Europe the rest of the Youth Committee wasn’t lazy either. They completed their application for the European Youth Event 2014 in Strasbourg and took further steps towards the inauguration of the new EuroChoir ambassadors. More info will follow soon.


IMC Musical Rights Awards

Project nominated by Moviment Coral Català successful

Three programmes from the Arab region, Latin America and Oceania have received the 2013 Musical Rights Awards, presented by the International Music Council, an international NGO in official partnership with UNESCO and officially awarded in the frame of the 5th IMC World Forum on Music in Brisbane. The IMC Musical Rights Awards are given to programmes or projects that support in an exemplary way one or more of the five musical rights enunciated by the International Music Council (see www.imc-cim.org). 

One of the Award winners was the project "Music and Resilience" for the Palestinian Refugees of Lebanon, a project hosted by Associazione Prima Materia, Italia and nominated by the Moviment Coral Català - MCC, member of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat. Deborah Parker, Project Manager of "Music and Resilience", received the Award in Brisbane together with Sonja Greiner who represented MCC and its President Martí Ferrer. Deborah also presented the project in the frame of one of the sessions.

The other two awards went to the "Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments and New Technology", osted by Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero, Argentina, nominated by the Argentinean Music Council and "Remix the Orchestra", a project hosted by Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra (APO), New Zealand and nominated by SOUNZ, The Centre for New Zealand Music.
Apart from the three award winners, many more inspiring and interesting projects had been nominated, including the Fayha Choir from Lebanon, nominated by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat. 


IMC World Forum on Music

IMC World Forum on Music in Brisbane online

For those who managed the flight to Australia, the 5th IMC World Forum on Music was an inspiring event. For those who were not able to attend, the Forum organisers recorded the most striking sessions. Some of these have already been live-streamed, but in order to ensure continued access, the conference website is being redeveloped to feature photos, key texts, and full videos of key sessions.

The forum started with an unusual Opening Ceremony featuring students from different universities and IMC President Frans de Ruiter (The Netherlands). Further livestreams of signature sessions and interesting presentations can already be watched >> here
The representatives of ECA-EC (Board member Daphne Wassink, Youth Committee member Jesse Boere and Secretary General Sonja Greiner) chaired and presented sessions on choral music and music education issues themselves (including presentations of a video from the EC-Festival in Turin and a presentation of the Lullabies of the World session in the frame of VOICE) and attended other sessions for professional exchange and inspiration.

They were particularly touched by the presentation of the Annual Festival of Nigerian Choirs (AFNC) as a powerful example for the use of choral music as a peacemaking tool, presented by Ify Ebosie, but also by presentations on Community Learning, Sustainable Futures, the future of Music Education and Early Childhood Music Education as well as by some of the musical sessions and concerts.  

VOICE in 2013

The year 2013 was rich in VOICE activities
Children's and youth choirs met in Bonn (Germany) and Örebro (Sweden), conductors were trained in Vaison-la-Romaine (France) and Örebro (Sweden), experts talked about "Mediterranean Voices" in Girona (Catalonia, Spain), young singers came together for the Eurochoir in Pécs (Hungary) and choirs from different countries sang together for Peace in Limassol (Cyprus). The programme ended with the conference "Inspiring cooperation through VOICE" (see beginning of this newsletter) and as a follow-up, the next edition of the European Choral Magazine will be dedicated to the VOICE project with a focus on this theme of Cooperation and a look ahead at the 2014 programme.

A Voice for Vocal Training

Are you looking for information about inspiring good practices of singing with children in primary schools? Koor&Stem has made an inventory of initiatives in European countries in the frame of VOICE. They have found more than 110 projects and initiatives from all over Europe. The report of the research programme can be downloaded for free >> here ! It contains a careful selection of initiatives that demonstrate the many ways in which singing can be effectively rolled into the school day.

News from Pécs

The EUROPA CANTAT Pécs 2015 Team is closing a busy year of preparations.

In 2013 the music programming of the festival has started based on the cooperation of the International Music Commission of ECA-EC and the Regional Artistic Committee created to represent the regions artistic values, the Hungarian, Serbian, Croatian and Slovenian choral and folklore traditions.

The international promotion continued with the launch of the I'm Hung(a)ry for Singing interactive facebook application, creation of the new promotion video of the festival and the continuous presence in choral events.

Pécs hosted the International Chamber Choir Festival in May, the EuroChoir 2013 session in August in the framework of the VOICE project with 63 singers coming from 22 countries and the 20th anniversary edition of the European Convivial Winesong Festival in September. Finally members of ECA-EC had the possibility to visit the city through the General Assembly of ECA-EC in November (see beginning of this newsletter).

The Team is looking ahead to 2014 with great enthusiasm and is excited to publish the programme and to open the online applications for the festival in May 2014!

In Pécs we are Hung(a)ry for Singing!


World Youth Choir 2014

The World Youth Choir is ...
Looking for
young, talented singers age 17 to 26 from around the world to audition for the 25th session in Croatia, July 2014 which will be conducted by Kot Matsushita (Japan) and Vladi Sunko (Croatia). Read the full press release

Asking former singers to tell their story: ''...I'm in love with the World Youth Choir since 1989. Yes, since the last century! I could tell you how many wonderful people I met, and how many great conductors have worked with us... I could, but it would take hours! It is not just about singing, traveling and meeting people, it is a great opportunity to share everything you and they know, it is about GIVING and CARING too! After 25 years I still remember every moment spent in the World Youth Choir, but these are MY memories. So go, get YOURS, now! Good luck.'' (Quote by Gardinovački Kiss Aniko, 1989, Serbia)  

Calling for new recruitment partners
- Since the start of the auditions 2013/2014, on September 12th, new individuals and institutions from many different countries have joined the recruitment process for as many talented singers as possible from all continents.Are you the next one to join? Read the full press release

Offering you to stay tuned - suscribe now to the World Youth Choir newsletter


LEO Sings!

The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat is an associate partner in the project "Leo sings ! Diversity of Singing Practices in Europe" and will regularly be reporting about this project coordinated by the Plate-Forme Interrégionale (PFI), a member of ECA-EC

Leo Sings! Diversity of Singing Practices in Europe (DSPE) is a project with 11 partners from 7 European countries. The main objective of this partnership consists in collecting and sharing the diversity of European singing practices through exchange, training, documentation and dissemination of diverse European singing experiences. For the first time, at the European level, a hundred vocal music professionals will work and cooperate on the complementarities between singing as a soloist and collective vocal practices. More information can be found in English and French on the PFI website.

The programme of Leo Sings! include 5 thematic sessions which members of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat may also attend (please contact the organisers for further details): 
1. Training paths • 5 - 9 February 2014, Barcelona (Spain), hosted by Moviment Coral Català
2. Emerging aesthetics: pop, jazz, rock • 7 - 11 May 2014, Aalborg (Denmark) , hosted by Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium Aarhus/Aalborg
3. Collective practices • 19 - 22 October 2014 Tours (France), hosted by CEntre de PRAtiques VOcales et Instrumentales en région Centre CEPRAVOI (France)
4. Cooperation and European networks • February/March 2015 (date to be confirmed) Freibourg (Germany) hosted by European Voices Association
5. Assessment • June 2015 (date to be confirmed), Copenhaguen (Denmark)
For further information contact PFI: contact@pfi-culture.org, www.pfi-culture.org 

European Forum on Music

Save the date for the
4 European Forum on Music
19 – 22 June 2014

The next EMC annual conference will take place in 2014 from 19 – 22 June in the Swiss capital of Bern. In cooperation with the Swiss Music Council and the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, the Forum will evolve around the theme "Music & Politics: A shared responsibility". Inspired by the host country, the 4th European Forum on Music will explore what Europe can learn from Switzerland, the so-called “nation of will” ("Willensnation"). The widely acclaimed slogan “unity in diversity” is claimed by both the European Union and Switzerland as one of their main characteristics. What does this diversity look like? What are the challenges of it? And how is this diversity reflected in Europe? 
More information available soon at www.emc-imc.org/efm


UNESCO: Declaration of Hangzhou

The International Congress "Culture: Key to Sustainable Development" was held in Hangzhou (China), 15 - 17 May 2013. This was the first International Congress specifically focusing on the links between culture and sustainable development. As such, the Congress was the first global forum to discuss the role of culture in sustainable development in view of the post-2015 framework.

Under the leadership of UNESCO and China, the Declaration of Hangzhou defines new approaches which fully acknowledge the role of culture as a system of values and a resource and framework to build truly sustainable development, the need to draw from the experiences of past generations, and the recognition of culture as part of the global and local commons as well as a wellspring for creativity and renewal

Creative Europe Call published

Following approval of the Creative Europe programme by the European Parliament on  November 19th and by the European Council on December 5th, the European Commission has published on December 10th the first call for proposals in the framework of the newly approved programme
€1.46 billion will be provided over a period of 7 years to the new programme in order to boost the European cultural and creative sectors, stimulate cross-border cooperation and increase their already contribution to jobs and growth.
The Culture sub-programme of Creative Europe supports cultural and creative organisations with a view to helping them operate transnationally and promoting cross-border circulation of works of culture and mobility of cultural players. It helps to launch projects with a European dimension and to share cultural content across national, and European, borders; it enables cultural and creative players to work internationally and to internationalise their careers and activities in the EU and beyond; it funds cooperation projects, literary translations, networks and platforms. All schemes have a new audience development dimension. The main novelty is the new support scheme for platforms, aiming at showcasing emerging talents and stimulating European non-national programming of cultural activities. 

The Culture sub-programme of Creative Europe is divided into 4 parts:
European cooperation projects (Deadline March 5th 2014)
-> the most relevant one for the members of ECA-EC who are thinking
    about applying for EU-funding for future cooperation projects
European Platforms (Deadline March 19th 2014)
European Networks (Deadline March 19th 2014)
-> ECA-EC itself will apply for funding under this programme
Literary translation projects (Deadline March 12th 2014)

More information on http://ec.europa.eu/culture/creative-europe/calls/index_en.htm 

Office closed for holidays

Our General Secretariat will remain closed for Christmas holidays from December 20th 2013 to January 6th 2014. The E-mail account will be checked sporadically until December 23rd and from January 2nd.


The European Choral Association is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, by the German Ministry of Youth (BMFSFJ) and the City of Bonn
German Ministry of YouthCity of BonnCreative Europe


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