Below you will find the newsletter of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat March 2014. As usual we  remind you of deadlines for applications coming up, we inform you about the action plan for the coming years and the application for the Creative Europe network funding,  and we inform you about the VOICE symposium in Budapest. the EC festival in Pécs and our Youth Committee.  In addition you will find information about two European cooperation projects in which ECA-EC is associate partner, "Leo Sings" and "14-18 from Poetry to Music", which both offer workshops open to participation of non-members, and we remind you about the World Symposium on Choral Music in Seoul. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information.

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01 Deadline approaching
02 Strategy and Action plan published
03 Singing and Music Education in VOICE
04 News from the Youth Committee
05 News from Pécs
06 News from LEO sings
07 News from TENSO
08 World Symposium in Seoul

Deadline approaching

March 31st 2014 is the deadline for applications for

- the Choralp International Singing Week in
  Briançon in the French Alps.
  More information  >> here /
  details in English and French

- the Masterclass for Conductors on Open Singing
  with Michael Gohl in Basel, a new activity which
  offers the great chance to train conductors for
  this special task.  More information >> here

April 15th 2014 is the NEW deadline

for applications to the  
- Choral Arts Management Programme (CAMP)
  in Saint Lô, France at the Polyfollia Market Place
  and Festival - more information >> here

April 14th 2014 is the deadline for the Symposium on Singing in Music Education "How can singing belong to everyone?" in Budapest - more information >> here and below
April 30th 2014 is the deadline for the Eurochoir in Saintes, France - more information on www.theeurochoir.org and below

If you want to plan ahead and check the deadlines for application for other projects of ECA-EC in 2014, please go to www.EuropeanChoralAssociation.org -> Events - Events 2014 or check in our brochure with the programme of activities in 2014
>> here

Strategy and Action plan published

Based on the strategy for the years 2014 to 2017, approved by the General Assembly of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (ECA-EC) last November, the Board and Secretary General of the association have elaborated an action plan with concrete actions and events under the different strategic aims.

The strategy and action plan which you can download >> here, was also the basis for the application of ECA-EC for a 3-year network funding under the new Creative Europe programme of the European Union, which was submitted on March 18th. There will be a strong competition for this funding line, with an expected 25 European networks to be supported (instead of roughly 50 European associations active in culture which were supported under the former EU Culture Programme). The official answer is expected in July or August 2014.

Singing and Music Education in VOICE

The International Symposium on Singing in Music Education "How can singing belong to everyone?" in Budapest, Hungary, 23-27 April 2014 will focus on different music education approaches that involve singing, including a strong focus on how the Kodály concept can still be used despite the fact that basic conditions have changed. The Symposium will gather music pedagogues, professors of teacher training institutions, conductors, choirs, vocal ensembles and singers from Europe and all over the world who can present and demonstrate how they use various music education methods, including the Kodály concept. 

The rich programme has now been published on http://symposium2014.kota.hu and registration will be open until April 14th 2014. The programme will include a presentation of "A Voice for Vocal Training" a research in the frame of the VOICE project which gathered projects and initiatives dealing with vocal training for children in different European countries. The symposium will also be a meeting-place for several partners of the VOICE project gathering and exchanging information about singing and music education.

News from the Youth Committee

Our Youth Committee has kept continuously busy throughout these last few weeks making further preparations for the European Youth Event 2014 in Strasbourg. Registration for the activities organised by the European parliament, European Youth Forum and participants has now started and the Youth group is looking forward to discovering Europe together with various other organisations from all over the EU.   But not only the Youth Committee has done their share.

The Eurochoir ambassadors for the coming session in Saintes, France (see www.theeurochoir.org) have started to develop fun games and activities to make Eurochoir 2014 as unforgettable as possible. If you're between 18 and 30 and haven't applied yet, we strongly suggest you do so. Deadline for applications is April 30th, so you have just got a month left to apply through the website. 

News from Pécs

The Music Commission of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (ECA-EC) and a Regional Artistic Committee (with musicians from Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia) are in charge of creating the music program of the EUROPA CANTAT XIX festival in Pécs in 2015. The two teams met on 21-23 March 2014 in the Hungarian Choral Castle of Pomáz, Hungary, to select the festival's long ateliers from the proposals that had arrived from all over the world. The 3 day meeting was an intense debate, ending up in a colorful offer for amateur as well as trained singers, conductors and composers. The Music Office of the Pécs Organizing Team is now facing a busy period of organizing all details decided.

The offer of workshops ("ateliers") of 4 to 8 days as well as first descriptions of the programme of discovery ateliers and lectures and workshops for conductors, composers, managers and others, together with the participation conditions, will be published in June 2014 on www.ecpecs2015.hu and in a brochure mailed across Europe and beyond.


News from LEO sings

The 2nd session of the Leo Sings
project  is coming up:

Under the title "Teaching teachers of rock, pop/jazz choirs and concert aesthetics" experts will meet in Aalborg, Denmark, from May 7th to 11th 2014, focusing on the new areas of vocal practice, exploring various methodologies ("intelligent choir", vocal jazz, performance design, ...), vocal and physical techniques and tools (long distance learning, recording contemporary vocal music, ear-training, ...) and various repertoires (beat-boxing, vocal percussions, arrangements). Observing a unique diploma course in this field in Europe, implemented by Royal Academy of Music, is one of the guideline of the workshops and the collective discussions during this session. You can consult the  programme  and the Registration form and find further information on http://www.pfi-culture.org/index.php?id=128 or contact  contact@pfi-culture.org. Deadline for registrations is April 30th 2014.

The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat is an associate partner in the EU-funded project Leo Sings


News from TENSO

Tenso Young Composers Workshop: call open until 1 April
The next edition of the Tenso Young Composers Workshop will be organized during the Tenso Days Mechelen (16 and 17 May 2014) and Tenso Days Riga (October 2014).  During two sessions, five young composers will work on (fragments of) a choral score with the DR Vokalensemblet, composer / conductor James Wood and composer Leo Samama. Tenso wants to encourage young composers who have not written for choir, but who would like to do so. The selection procedure explicitly does not require choral works to be sent in; instead, we will select on the basis of promise shown in chamber repertoire (choral or not) and works for voice with accompaniment. The call for applications will close on 15 April 2014. More details on the website.Download the call as PDF

ECA-EC is an association partner of the TENSO project 14-18 from Poetry to Music


World Symposium in Seoul

REMINDER: IFCM World Symposium on Choral Music
Seoul, South Korea - August 6th to 13th 2014

The 10th World Symposium on Choral Music (WSCM 10) will take place in the Republic of Korea (South Korea), on August 6th to 13th. 2014 with the theme “Healing and Youth”
More information and details on the lecture programme on http://www.wscm10.org/ and details on the registration on https://www.wscm10.org:6509/reg.info.asp. Deadline for applications is July 20th 2014, if you apply before May 31st you will get an early bird reduction.

The European Choral Association is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, by the German Ministry of Youth (BMFSFJ) and the City of Bonn
German Ministry of YouthCity of BonnCreative Europe


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