Below you will find our June newsletter, with the invitation to our 2014 General Assembly and VOICE conference, a presentation of our new office manager Anna Maric, news on the European Forum on Music in Berne with the EMC General Assembly, feedback on the applications for the Eurochoir and the European Award for Composers, and the latest news from our Youth Committee, the project VOICE and the EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Pécs, as well as information from different European and International associations in which we are members.

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Sonja Greiner Secretary General on behalf of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat www.EuropeanChoralAssociation.org

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01 Invitation to General Assembly 2014 and 2nd VOICE Conference
02 Our new Office Manager Anna Marić
03 European Award for Composers
04 Singers for Eurochoir 2014 selected
05 Kaie Tanne elected EMC Treasurer
06 News from the VOICE project
07 News from the Youth Committee
08 News from Pécs
09 IFCM: WSCM in Seoul - student fees
10 News from Musica International
11 European Forum on Music in Bern
12 IMC - Rostrum for Composers
13 Culture Action Europe Conference

Invitation to General Assembly 2014 and 2nd VOICE Conference

Dear members and friends of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat,

it is our pleasure to invite you to this year’s General Assembly of the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat on Saturday, November 22nd 2014 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain, hosted by the Moviment Coral Català (Catalan choral umbrella organisation) with all its member associations and the Mediterranean Office for Choral Singing.

The formal General Assembly will be followed by the 2nd conference on the multiannual cooperation project VOICE  see www.thevoiceproject.eu. This General Assembly and conference "Reaching Out" will see the first results of the VOICE project, look at objectives of our 2014 - 2018 strategy, and present the follow-up project proposal which has a focus on “reaching out” beyond the choral world. This will include first results of the Singing Europe research, data-collection and conclusions drawn from other parts of the VOICE project. We will focus on Open Singing as a tool for audience development, with a session from Michael Gohl on techniques and repertoire. Finally, we will present examples of good practice on reaching out beyond the choral world in the frame of inspirational sessions and will offer Open Working Groups for our membership on different themes. Our Catalan members will present an impressive concert programme in different venues.

Delegates should plan to arrive in Barcelona on Friday, November 21st in the afternoon, and leave on Sunday, November 23rd around lunchtime. For the full detailed programme as well as the agenda for the General Assembly and the participation fees, please see the full invitation document in English, French and German >> here.  You can register online >> here or by mailing or faxing the Application form included in the document.

We are looking forward to welcoming many members and other guests in Barcelona!

Gábor Móczár
President of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat


Our new Office Manager Anna Marić

In July 2012, when our former office manager Ruthild Sondermann fell ill, we were lucky to find a quick temporary replacement with Anna Marić who had been working in our office for several years and thus already knew our association well. We are very happy that Anna has decided to stay with us when her temporary contract had ended. In the meantime she has taken over all tasks of the office manager, dealing with all membership issues, book-keeping, staff matters concerning volunteers and student helpers, and much more. But let her introduce herself:

Some of you already know me from several General Assemblies, from email or telephone calls, but for those who don’t, here are some “important” facts:

Anna (yes, with two n) is a German first name, but Marić sounds Croatian: as you may have guessed, I was born in a European family! Yet, I’m the only staff member who was born in Bonn, and also the only one who is not living in Bonn. I have a quite long commute time, but I sometimes work from home!

I studied Geography, and I’m not a singer. But for me as a geographer it is really exciting to learn more about countries through the choral world. It is another point of view and absolutely interesting.

I don't sing, but I have played the flute, since I am 6... I love to travel and to make new experiences in new countries.

ECA-EC is nothing new to me: I am the “longest” student helper of ECA-EC (and not only because of my height, 1,81m) as I worked in the office from 2003 to 2010. In 2012 I came back first as the temporary replacement of Ruthild and now as her official replacement. I really enjoy my work, the fantastic atmosphere in the office and the friendly contact with the ECA-EC members.

I hope we will meet each other soon at an ECA-EC event!!



European Award for Composers

10 of our member organisations in 9 countries have submitted 39xx compositions by 31 composers (25 male and 6 female) for the European Award for Composers 2014/2015. The compositions submitted in three categories (26 in category (a) choir a cappella, 11 in category (b) choir accompanied by instruments, and 2 in category (c) jazz composition) are currently being prepared for the jury which will make its selection in September 2014 so that the results can be announced in October 2014. The winning pieces will be performed at the festival EUROPA CANTAT XIX in Pécs, Hungary, between July 24th and August 2nd 2015 and the winning composers will be invited to receive their prizes on stage there.
Further information on the European Award for Composers can be found >> here 


Singers for Eurochoir 2014 selected

After the deadline for applications a selection committee with representatives from the 2013 and 2014 Eurochoir sessions and the Board and Youth Committee of ECA-EC selected the team of singers for the 2014 Eurochoir session in Saintes, France, this coming summer. The selection committee was very happy to have more applications than needed, a clear sign that the word has spread and the project is attracting young singers from all over Europe and beyond, even though it may be sad for the individual singers who were not accepted.

Giving priority to singers nominated and supported by 10 of the member organisations of ECA-EC, to singers under 30 and to those who have not participated in more than 3 sessions so far, the selection committee chose 56 singers from 19 European countries who will come together in Saintes (France) from August 17 to 25 2014 to work under the direction of Geoffroy Jourdain from France and Lone Larsen from Denmark/Sweden.

Thank you very much to all member organisations of ECA-EC who supported and nominated young singers for this great project!

Further information on www.theeurochoir.org

Kaie Tanne elected EMC Treasurer

We are happy to report that at the last Annual Meeting of the European Music Council (EMC) in connection with the 4th European Forum on Music in Bern (see separate news item below), Kaie Tanner, Secretary General of the Estonian Choral Association and Board member of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (ECA-EC) was re-elected to the EMC Board for a third term. The newly elected Board then chose her as Treasurer of the EMC for the coming two years.  Her colleagues on the Board are Ian Smith (UK - President, Creative Scotland), Stefano Kunz (CH - Vice-President, Swiss Music Council), Nenad Bogdanovic (CY, Cyprus Symphony Orchestra Foundation), Krzysztof Knittel (PL, Polish Music Council), Willem van Moort (NL, European Music School Union), Kostas Moschos (GR - International Association of Music Information Centres) and Cathy Al-Ghabra (UK, chair of the EMC Youth Committee and member of the Youth Committee of ECA-EC, see separate news item below). Congratulations and good luck for the challenging tasks ahead!

News from the VOICE project

Presentation of "Singing Europe" at the European Forum on Music in Berne
Sonja Greiner (Secretary General of ECA-EC) and Côme Ferrand Cooper (Project Manager) presented the "Singing Europe" research as part of the VOICE project at the European Forum on Music of the European Music Council in Berne (Switzerland) on June 21st 2014. Since the title of the Forum was "Music and Politicis", their presentation, which closed the forum, was meant to explain to representative of other music organisations why it is important to have reliable statistics which help organisations in their advocacy towards politicians. Choosing a humouristic format with an invented dialogue (-> LINK TO DIALOGUE?) between the Secretary General of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (ECA-EC) and the EU Minister of Culture (which does not exist), and comparing the figures of the European Hunter's association (which are reliable since each hunter has to register his/her weapon) to the statistics gathered by Singing Europe so far, the presentation showed interim results of the Singing Europe data collection, yet also showed the limits and challenges of such a pilot study. At the same time it showed why ECA-EC is making the effort to collect such data which should help national and European organisations set up programmes that better address the needs of the singing community and convince policy makers to support them.

News from the Youth Committee

Cathy Al-Ghabra, member of the Youth Committee of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (ECA-EC), was co-opted to the Board of the European Music Council (EMC) as chair of their Youth Committee. She led the EMC Youth Committee's session at the 4th European Forum on Music entitled 'Chime for Change: The Power of Protest Songs'. Cathy also spoke to the Annual Meeting of the EMC, presenting the work of the EMC Youth Committee which includes the project "Make Music! Be Heard!", in which ECA-EC is  a partner, and in the frame of which they are planning to launch an online work-opportunities hub for young arts professionals in the next few months.

Another member of our Youth Committee has been successful on national level: Flannery Ryan, suggested to the ECA-EC Youth Committee by the Deutsche Chorjugend, has been elected to the Board of this national organisation for youth choirs in Germany, where she will be the chair for choir-musical tasks (Vorsitzende für chormusikalische Aufgaben). 

Congratulations to both! It is great to see that our efforts for youth involvement are currently successful on all levels, national and European, choir-specific and musical at large ...

News from Pécs

The brochure with
- the detailed atelier programme
  including all 4 to 8 day ateliers
- a first schedule
- first information on the offers for conductors,
  composers and managers
  and the discovery ateliers
- practical information with the different options 
  for flexible participation including participation fees
is currently at the printers and will be ready for mailing from July 1st 2014. If you wish to order a paper copy of the "festival programme" please send a message to info@ecpecs2015.hu. You can also order a package, if you have an event in mind where you can spread the brochures, or if you can add them to a major planned mailing.
The electronic version is already available as ISSUS file >> here or as downloadable and printable PDF >> here or in reduced format with 2 pages printed on 1 >> here.

The information contained in the brochure will also be published on the Website www.ecpecs2015.hu from July 1st 2014. 

Deadline for applications
will be November 30th 2014, online registration will start on August 15th 2014.

IFCM: WSCM in Seoul - student fees

Student Rush Prices

The organizing committee of the 10th World Symposium on Choral Music (Seoul, South Korea, August 6th to 13th 2014)  has released a student rush price for registration. If you are a student of any age who is a choral singer, conductor or just have a passion for choral music, then the World Symposium on Choral Music in Korea is the place you need to be in August. More on http://www.wscm10.org/


News from Musica International

Pictures, videos and letters of congratulations are available now on Jean Sturm, Executive Director of Musica International, being appointed Chevalier (Knight) de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres >> here.

Two Musica sessions (workshops) are scheduled for the coming autumn:
 - 20-24 October at the Faculty of Music, University of Montreal (Canada) 
- 3-8 November at the Institute of Phonetics, University of Strasbourg (France)  
These sessions are for anyone wishing to contribute more to the project of to better benefit from it. For example, composers or publishers might choose to input their scores, music librarians to reference (and display) their holdings in the Musica database, or choral directors to reference their favorite pieces if not input.

European Forum on Music in Bern

4th European Forum on Music - Music and Politics: a shared responsibility  / A successful undertaking for music and politics in Europe and Switzerland

From 19-22 June more than 100 representatives of the music sector from over 20 countries came to Bern, Switzerland, to discuss the commonalities and differences of music and politics from diverse angles. The local partners Yehudi Menuhin Forum Bern and the Swiss Music Council provided the perfect setting which included a rich musical programme.

The opening keynote speech of the Forum was given by Ivo Josipovic, President of the Republic of Croatia (and composer) who, following a performance of his piece Samba Brevis by the Chamber Orchestra of Bern, addressed the audience with a presentation that was as informative as it was entertaining. (We are looking forward to also inviting Mr. Josipovic to our EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Pécs in 2015, and our Secretary General Sonja Greiner had the occasion to briefly address him on this topic)
Enrique Baron Crespo, former President of the European Parliament and President of the International Yehudi Menuhin Foundation, highlighted the importance of music education as a fundamental part of humanistic education. In the speech that followed, Christa Markwalder, Vice President of the Swiss National Council, shared her view on the importance of music for education, as culture, arts and music help foster mutual understanding and respect. 

The 4th European Forum on Music provided diverse sessions such as a panel discussion with representatives from the European Commission, the Swiss Parliament and a Swiss singer/ songwriter/ comedian and  a session on "Freedom of Musical Expression".  It looked at the power of the amateurs, and provided diverse interactive sessions including a workshop on successful advocacy work, the European Agenda for Music, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), as well as diverse music projects that reflect the overall theme of "music and politics" (including a presentation of Singing Europe, see above).

The Forum was proceded by the EMC Annual Meeting which included elections to the EMC Board 2014-2016. The new board consists of Ian Smith (UK- President, Stefano Kunz (CH - Vice President), Kaie Tanner (EE - Treasurer), Nenad Bogdanovic (CY), Krzysztof Knittel (PL), Willem van Moort (NL), Kostas Moschos (GR) and Cathy Al-Ghabra (UK), chair of the EMC Youth Committee, co-opted to the Board.

For more detailed information on the Forum and on the elections (with the exact titles of the Board members elected and the associations which presented them as candidates) you will find the full Press Release >> here

IMC - Rostrum for Composers

IMC announces results of the 2014 International Rostrum of Composers

The 61st International Rostrum of Composers (IRC) took place at Yleisradio in Helsinki, May 6-9 2014,organised by the International Music Council and Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle). The 2014 Rostrum gathered representatives from 27 national radio networks from four continents, which presented 50 works composed within the five years preceding the Rostrum.

Finnish Radio Executive Producer Heikki Valsta chaired the sessions. After the listening sessions, the assembly of delegates selected and recommended the most important works in two categories: general and "young composers". These and other works will be presented in concerts and broadcast after the Rostrum by the participating and other interested radio stations.

Pursuing its mission to promote contemporary music creation through broadcasting for more than sixty years, the annual Rostrum has this year again strengthened its role as one of the most important "rendez-vous" for professional exchange between radio producers. Its overall objective remains fostering the exchange of performances of contemporary music between broadcasting organisations. For example, works chosen at the preceding Rostrum (2013) were given well over 500 broadcasts by participating networks as well as affiliates of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).

Read the full Press Release >> here.

Culture Action Europe Conference

Save the Dates!
October 9 - 11 2014
Culture Action Europe Conference 
in Newcastle-Gateshead (UK)
More information >> here.

The European Choral Association is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, by the German Ministry of Youth (BMFSFJ) and the City of Bonn
German Ministry of YouthCity of BonnCreative Europe


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