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Below you will find our October/November newsletter with a lot of information on our VOICE conference and General Assembly in Barcelona, the special issue of ECmagazine 3/2014, a reminder of the deadline for applications for the EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Pécs (November 30th 2014!), news from our Youth Committee and news on the World Youth Choir and World Choral Day. We are also happy to announce the dates of the 2015 Conference and General Assembly in Helsinki and the festival EUROPA CANTAT XX in Tallinn in 2018 - Mark those days in your calendar now!

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Mit diesem Newsletter verschicken wir Informationen zur VOICE Konferenz und Generalversammlung in Barcelona, zur Sonderausgabe von ECmagazine 3/2014, sowie eine Erinnerung an die Anmeldefrist für das EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Pécs (30. November wenn Sie die Unterkunft über das Festival buchen möchten und in einem der drei Ateliers Ihres Wunsches singen möchten - spätere Anmeldungen sind gegen Aufpreis und ohne diese Garantie auch noch möglich). Außerdem informieren wir Sie über den Weltjugendchor und den Weltchortag, und wir kündigen die Konferenz und Generalversammlung 2015 in Helsinki sowie das Festival EUROPA CANTAT XX in Tallinn 2018 mit konkreten Terminen an - bitte notieren Sie diese bereits in Ihren Kalendern! Die deutsche Übersetzung der Texte wird ab 5.12.2014 >> hier zu finden sein.

Aujourd'hui nous vous envoyons des informatinos sur la conférence VOICE et l'assemblée générale à Barcelone, sur l'édition spéciale d'ECmagazine 3/2014 et nous vous rappelons de la date limite pour le festival EUROPA CANTAT à Pécs (date limite le 30 novembre si vous désirez réservez votre logement à travers le festival et garantir la participation dans un des trois ateliers de votre choix - il sera aussi possible de s'inscrire plus tard sans cette garantie et en payant un supplément). Nous vous informons aussi sur le Choeur Mondial des Jeunes et la journée choral mondiale, et nous annonçons la conférence et assemblée générale à Helsinki en 2015 ainsi que le festival EUROPA CANTAT XX à Tallinn en 2018 avec les dates précises - notez les dates dans votre calendrier dès maintenant! La traduction française des textes sera disponible à partir du 5 décembre 2014 >> ici

01 VOICE Conference in Barcelona
02 ECA-EC General Assembly 2014
03 Conference and General Assembly 2015
04 ECmagazine 3/2014 (VOICE) online
05 Youth Committee - Call for Project Partners
06 Register for Pécs before 30/11/2014!
07 EUROPA CANTAT in 2018 in Tallinn
08 World Youth Choir News
09 IFCM news - World Choral Day

VOICE Conference in Barcelona

"Reaching Out!" - VOICE conference in Barcelona

From November 21st to 23rd 2014 around 100 delegates from all over Europe and Israel gathered in Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain for the last conference of the project VOICE - Vision on Innovation for Choral Music in Europe.

After an inspiring keynote by Brendan Walsh (see picture), first results from this project including the "Singing Europe" data collection were presented and delegates learnt that an average of 4,5% of the European population (around 30 Million in continental Europe) actively sing in collective settings (choirs, vocal ensembles). Even though this number is higher than expected (the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat had so far estimated a total of 20.000 Million singers) this means that more than 95% of the popolutation do not sing together with others.

This last figure was taking as a starting point for the strategic aim of "reaching out" beyond the membership but also beyond the "usual singers" to those who do not (regularly) sing. Audience development was thus one of the keywords of the conference - and of the project "Choral Upgrade in Europe - taking Collective Singing to a New Level" which is supposed to start in June 2015.
Parallel sessions in the conference dealt with different aspects of this project (setting up an inclusion strategy, upgrading choral concerts with a laboratory of national youth choirs and several Eurochoir Sessions, Open Singing and "choirs for those who cannot sing" as tools for audience development). In addition the conference offered the delegates an opportunity on sharing and learning from their peers on different subjects such as children's and youth choirs or exploring new business models for choral associations, 

The conference programme can be found in the special issue of ECmagaziine 3/2014 (see below), reports on the conference and further background information can be found on the special conference page of the VOICE Website >> here



ECA-EC General Assembly 2014

General Assembly of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat (ECA-EC)

In the frame of the VOICE conference, the members of ECA-EC came together for their annual General Assembly. Apart from the usual business with reports about the year 20014 (see full Annual Report >> here), the presentation of future activities and the approval of accounts and budgets, the members decided about a change of statutes. The membership category of "partners" was changed into "institutional associate members" and will no longer be open to for-profit partners. They will instead be offered cooperation agreements on specific projects or sponsorship contracts.

Members of ECA-EC can find the full set of meeting documents in the password-protected section of our Website >> here.

Conference and General Assembly 2015

Invitation to the 2015 Conference "Sharing the Benefits of Singing"
in Helsinki, Finland (13 – 15/11/2015)
with the General Assembly of ECA-EC

In Barcelona the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat announced the place and dates of the 2015 conference in Helsinki, Finland, November 13th to 15th 2015. The theme of the conference will be "Sharing the benefits of Singing". The 2015 General Assembly of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat with elections will take place in the frame of this conference. Mark the dates in your calendars now, further information will be provided in spring 2015. 

ECmagazine 3/2014 (VOICE) online

Issue 3/2014 of our magazine dealing with the theme of "Reaching Out" is a special edition serving also as programme brochure for the VOICE conference in Barcelona. It contains the detailed conference programme, a presentation of the keynote speaker Brendan Walsh, articles by Michael Gohl and Árpád Tóth who made presentations about how to reach out to "non-singers" and a draft inclusion strategy developed by Koenraad De Meulder for the project "Choral Upgrade in Europe" as well as several other articles for background reading about the subject. 

This edition of ECmagazine was distributed at the VOICE conference in Barcelona. Apart from this it will mostly be published online and can freely be distributed! You can read the magazine online on ISSUU or download it as PDF file. 

Youth Committee - Call for Project Partners

The Youth Committee came together in Barcelona on the occasion of the VOICE conference. They had meetings alone and with the Board of ECA-EC before the conference and were involved as "live reporters" for the different sessions of the conference (see minutes of the conference >> here). During their meetings they prepared the conference, discussed details of the next edition of the European Video Awards and developed their "Chorasmus" project further. 

CHORASMUS - Call for Project Partners
At the General Assembly in Barcelona, the Youth Committee announced it will be developing an exchange platform for young choral enthusiasts in Europe called CHORASMUS. As a first step, the Youth Committee will be applying for funding through the EU Erasmus+ programme to kick off a two-year project starting in November 2015 including capacity-building workshops, brainstorm meetings, work-placements for young choral managers, exchanging singers, conductors and composers and much more. The Youth Committee will be actively approaching ECA-EC member organisations for collaboration. However, every member is currently strongly encouraged to consider if they would maybe like to be a partner. Are you for example able to offer a work placement funded by the Erasmus+ programme? Let us know! All member organisations that are interested in collaborating with the project or have other input can send an e-mail to the Youth Committee for further information at youthcommittee@eca-ec.org


Register for Pécs before 30/11/2014!

Are you Hung(a)ry for Singing?
The official deadline for registrations for the festival EUROPA CANTAT XIX 2015 in Pécs is approaching: 30/11/2014

The festival offers a wide range of programmes for singers, choirs, conductors, composers and young managers. Join the more than 3000 participants from all over the world and register online at http://ecpecs2015.hu/en/ by clicking the green „Apply online” button. The user-friendly system was developed to guide you carefully through the registration. We recommend you watch the tutorial videos made to show you registration process before starting your application. Should you have any questions please contact info@ecpecs2015.hu!

Only if you apply until November 30th 2014 we can offer the lower "early bird" fee and  guarantee you participation in one of the three ateliers of your choice as well as accommodation organised through the festival office. 

Later applications will be accepted as long as there will be free places in ateliers and in the festival accommodation, with higher participation fees. Day-by-day participation (for which accommodation cannot be organised by the festival office) will be open until the festival.

EUROPA CANTAT in 2018 in Tallinn

At its General Assembly in Barcelona the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat announced that the the application of the Estonian Choral Association to host the 20th EUROPA CANTAT festival in 2018 in the city of Tallinn, Estonia, was accepted. Mark the dates in your calendar now:
July 25th to August 5th 2018. 

World Youth Choir News

The World Youth Choir Foundation is happy to welcome Rudolf de Beer (South Africa / Norway) to the Board and Joy Hill (UK) to the Artistic Committee of the Foundation on behalf of IFCM.

Future prospects
During several strategic meetings during the last months the World Youth Foundation has been discussing and planning future activities. There are currently negotiations with potential organisers of events in 2015, 2016, 2017 and even 2020 - further details will be published once agreements have been signed. Once sessions have been secured, we will inform our recruitment partners accordingly. For more info, please read our new Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) or -> download a full document. 

Calling for session hosts in 2018, 2019, and beyond
The World Youth Choir Foundation has started significant changes in our operational systems and artistic concepts to make them more accessible to potential partners. Concepts have been adjusted, aims have been expanded and different event (session) packages are on offer to potential partners. To know what is NEW please read our online PPT.

Host a | project for peace | a multicultural, youth musical showcase of the highest quality | an ''international choral academy'' | an interactive platform for education and exchange with local individuals and groups | expand horizons for young, talented musicians supporting personal endeavors of each participant and build new social and communal capabilities chorally while promoting your organizational capacities as well as social, cultural and historical achievements of the host nation. If interested download the organisational requirements -> Guidelines on how to organize a World Youth Choir session or contact us at manager@worldyouthchoir.org

World Youth Choir is a project of the World Youth Choir Foundation - patrons: IFCM, Jeunesses Musicales International and European Choral Association - Europa Cantat

IFCM news - World Choral Day

IFCM has announced World Choral Day 2014 which will be held on and around December 7th 2014. World Choral Day can be celebrated during the whole month of December. If you want to register your concerts under the World Choral Day you can find information >> here and on www.ifcm.net. 

Like World Choral Day on Facebook >> here.

The European Choral Association is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, by the German Ministry of Youth (BMFSFJ) and the City of Bonn
German Ministry of YouthCity of BonnCreative Europe


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