Below you will find the last newsletter of 2014 with which we mostly want to lead you into the new year. You will find information on our programme in 2015, which does not only include the EUROPA CANTAT festival in Pécs, but also the Choralp International Singing Week in Briançon, France (at the end of July, just before the festival), the International Competition for Young Choral Conductors in Torino (end of May) and the European Academy for Conductors in Fano (in September) as well as several events for choirs and conductors recommended by ECA-EC. In addition we are providing some ideas for last-minute presents, looking back at the last year of the VOICE project, and publishing news from partners and international associations. 

Please forward this newsletter to your singing friends, if you work in a choral association, forward it to your members or translate the news which you find essential into your own language.

With best regards 

Sonja Greiner, Secretary General
on behalf of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat www.EuropeanChoralAssociation.org

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01 2015 is coming! And we are on holidays
02 Competition for Young Conductors
03 Don't miss Choralp 2015!
04 European Academy for Conductors 2015
05 What else is happening 2015
06 Do you still need presents?
07 News from the Youth Committee
08 Conductors and Composers in Pécs
09 Looking back on VOICE 2014
10 News from partners - CARUS
11 EMC Forum on Music in Riga
12 UNESCO cities of music

2015 is coming! And we are on holidays

Dear members, dear readers of our newsletter,

2014 is drawing to an end, and while you will be reading this newsletter, we will most probably already be "out of office". We are closing the General Secretariat from December 20th 2014 to January 4th 2015. Sonja Greiner and Anna Lučić will be back in the office on Monday, January 5th 2015, our project manager Côme Ferrand Cooper will be back on Monday, January 12th. Unfortunately we have to say goodbye to our intern Giulia Lodi who supported us during the last three months and met many of you at our Conference in Barcelona. You can find her résume here, if you, or an organisation you know, need an efficient and dedicated coworker in the coming months.
We wish her all the best for her professional future!

Have you already made plans for 2015? Of course our festival EUROPA CANTAT in Pécs has a lot to offer to choirs, individual singers, conductors, composers and managers (see www.ecpecs2015.hu). However, there is more you can do in 2015! Choirs, Singers and Conductors, make use of your free time during the holidays and check out the details of our 2015 programme below!

Wishing you all musically rich and relaxing holidays
and all the best for the coming year 2015

Your team at the General Seceretariat
of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat

Competition for Young Conductors

Deadline coming up!
31//12/2014 is deadline for applications
for the 8th International Competition
for Young Choral Conductors 
28/5 - 1/6/2015 in Turin, Italy

Details are now available >> here,
the application form is available >> here.
For further information write to info@feniarco.it

Don't miss Choralp 2015!

CHORALP International Singing Week 2015
18 - 25/7/2015 in Briançon (Hautes Alpes), France

After the brilliant success of the 2014 CHORALP Singing Week with nearly 300 singers from all over Europe, you can now apply for the fifth edition of this event offering an original and varied repertoire under the direction of internationally renowned conductors in the magical setting of the French Alpes, at the gates of Provence. If you love singing - and the mountains, or if you have always dreamed of singing the Dettingen Te Deum of Haendel with Jean Marie Puissant (FR) or to make a musical journey through ancient and contemporary world music under the title "Babel"  with Marleen de Bonn (BE), this is the right event for you!
Full choirs as well as Individual Singers are all welcome to register to these workshops.
More information on http://www.choralp.fr/en/home_2015.html

European Academy for Conductors 2015

Looking Ahead!

European Academy for Choral Conductors
with Ragnar Rasmussen (Norway)
6 - 13/9/2015 in Fano (Pu) / Italy

The masterclass will be dedicated to "Bach & Scandinavia - Understanding the music of our present time through the study of Bach's music" and in particular will focus on important works of J.S. Bach, P. Nørgård, S.D. Sandström, K. Nystedt, J. Mäntyjärvi and others.
The course will develop through different themes, underlining also the importance of a rehearsal method, the performance and choral conducting method and some advices on vocal technique and vocal health. It will be a great oppportunity to enlarge one's expericences.
Deadline for applications 31/5/2015 Further information >> here or from info@feniarco.it 

What else is happening 2015

In addition to the EUROPA CANTAT festival and the activities mentioned above, the EUropean Choral Association - Europa Cantat recommends a number of activities organised by others, but fitting the "philosophy" of the association. You will find details 
- on recommended activities for choirs
  in 2015 (and 2016) >> here
- on recommended activities for conductors
  in 2015 (and 2016) >> here

And you will find the calendar flyer with the
complete 2015 programme >> here.

If you have still not found what you are looking for, you can browse our Online Calendar of Events for further activities across Europe and beyond >> here.

Do you still need presents?

Were you late ordering your the special pens
for your singing friends?
Unfortunately we cannot deliver them in time for Christmas anymore, but if you are looking for the perfect birthday present for next year, please place your order any time from now.

Here are some more ideas on what you can get
for your conducting or singing friends:

- Laula Kultani - collection of European folksongs
  (Songbook/CD) for mixed or equal voice choirs
Hodie Christus Natus Est - collection of European Christmas Song
 for mixed or equal voice choirs
- Sing Along! Sing Mit! - Songbook for Open Singing

And for young families, grandparents and friends of lullabies
- Wiegenlieder aus Aller Welt / Lullabies of the World

Further information on our Website >> here

News from the Youth Committee

Our Youth Committee is currently busy preparing the application for the Chorasmus project (see newsletter October/November 2014) and the 2015 edition of the European Choir Video Awards. These Awards will be connected to the EUROPA CANTAT festival in Pécs and details will be published at the beginning of 2015.

Wishing young singers, conductors. composers and managers across Europe and beyond Happy Holidays and a Happy, musically reach New Year 2015, and hoping to meet many at the EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Pécs, at the other activities for young people and virtually through our Social Media

The Youth Committee of ECA-EC

Conductors and Composers in Pécs

Are you Hung(a)ry for Conducting and Composing - and Learning?

First details on the rich programme for Conductors and Composers at the EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Pécs have been uploaded on the Festival Website recently. Every morning after a common warming-up, a presentation of the day ahead and a little showcase for composers, there will be a rich choice of parallel lectures and workshops to choose from. As "added extras" conductors interested in Open Singing can sign up in advance to become active participants in the Masterclass with Michael Gohl in the first part of the festival, others can choose to attend a conducting course in the 2nd part of the festival or decide to join the "study tour" which will visit selected atelier rehearsals each day. More information is available on the Website: 
- List of sessions for conductors and composers
- Masterclass on Open Singing with Michael Gohl
- Composers Showcase

Looking back on VOICE 2014

2014, an active year for the VOICE project!
The VOICE project was very active this year, covering a large spectrum of activities and topics related to innovation in choral music.

Symposium on Singing in Music Education - 23 - 27/4/14 in Budapest (HU)
Under the title "How can singing belong to everyone?" the symposium gathered over 100 specialists and professionals to help define the the best way to help develop music education using the voice as a primary tool.
Find all the presentations online on our website!

Master Class with Frieder Bernius - 22/7 - 2/8/14 in Vaison-la-Romaine (FR)

40 conductors attended the master class of Frieder Bernius and the Stuttgart Kammerchor!
More info

Eurochoir - 17 - 25/8/14 in Saintes (FR)
EuroChoir offers the opportunity to 60 young singers to get together for 8 days to rehearse a challenging program with two renowned conductors and present the results of their work in public concerts. This edition 2014 took place in Saintes. www.theeurochoir.org

Congress for Choir Conductors - 12 - 14/9/14 in Paris (FR)
Gathering participants from different countries, the congress was a unique meeting point to discover new ways to "make them sing!"
More details on the Website >> here

Polyfollia Festival and Management training - 21 - 26/19/14 in Saint Lô (FR)
The last edition of the Polyfollia festival was a tremendous success, allowing or programmers, journalists and general audience to enjoy high quality emerging ensembles and choirs from all over the world. Through the CAMP programme, the managers of tomorrow were able to learn, exchange and create a strong internationnal network of young professionnals that ensure the growth of international cooperation.

Conference "Reaching Out", 21 - 23/11/14 in Barcelona (ES) 
If you were not able to attend this successful event, you can still find the minutes of the conference and of the open working groups on the VOICE website by clicking >> here

What comes next?
The project will officially end in may 2015. We will keep you updated on the final report in due time! In the meantime the VOICE project and all its partners wish you a very happy new year 2015!

News from partners - CARUS

Mine, yours ... our songs - the LIEDERPROJEKT is collaborating with the "vocal heroes" project run by the Berliner Philharmoniker

In spring 2013 the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat published Lullabies of the world / Wiegenlieder aus aller Welt (www.lullabiesoftheworld.org) as part of the LIEDERPROJEKT, in collaboration with the German publishers Carus and Reclam. For the next volume, the LIEDERPROJEKT is collaborating with "vocal heroes", a new education programme run by the Berliner Philharmoniker. This programme, under the artistic direction of Simon Halsey, started in October 2013 with the aim of creating long-term spaces for singing and opportunites to make music together for children aged between 6 and 13. The purpose is to promote local partnerships and neighbourly co-existence in addition to arts education and equal opportunities. For the LIEDERPROJEKT the "vocal heroes" recorded children's songs from Germany and across Europe in their original languages, as well as in a German translation. A songbook has also been published gathering together all these songs, and illustrated by amazing photographs of the young singers themselves by Jan von Holleben. Discover the project through videos, interviews with the children and short samples on www.liederprojekt.org and www.carus-verlag.com/kinderlieder-europa.html

EMC Forum on Music in Riga

The 5th European Forum on Music - Access to Music is Digital?
The next edition of the EMC's annual conference, the European Forum on Music, will take place in Riga, Latvia on June 11 to 14, 2015 in cooperation with the Latvian Music Council.
The forum will not demonstrate new technologies, markets or ways on how to improve an artist’s visibility through digital means, but will discuss the synergies between the digital world and ‘real life’. Today, anyone with a smartphone and an internet connection anywhere in the world can experience a concert by a philharmonic orchestra in London, or view footage of a rock concert in Lisbon. At the same time, concert halls, festivals, arts centres and other institutions or events where people can get involved in musical activities in person, are still of the uttermost importance for thriving societies. The Forum will look into how new technologies facilitate the work of cultural institutions, how improved access to culture helps raise people’s interest in music, and explore the interplay between the digital world and the one away from the keyboard.
For more information on the forum and on how to register (starting early 2015), see www.emc-imc.org/efm

UNESCO cities of music

As a result of the 2014 call for applications, UNESCO has designated 28 cities, from 19 countries, as new members of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network. The new Creative Cities of Music are Hannover and Mannheim in Germany and Hamamatsu in Japan (joining the other cities which already have this label: SevillaBologneGlasgowGhentBogota,and Brazzaville).

By joining the Network, cities commit to collaborate and develop partnerships with a view to promoting creativity and cultural industries, to share best practices, to strengthen participation in cultural life, and to integrate culture in economic and social development plans. More information >> here.

The European Choral Association is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, by the German Ministry of Youth (BMFSFJ) and the City of Bonn
German Ministry of YouthCity of BonnCreative Europe


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