First of all, Happy New year to you! We hope you had a good start into the year and are looking forward to a rich and exciting year. For us 2015 will be a special year, not only because of the upcoming festival EUROPA CANTAT in Pécs, also because it is another anniversary year – the AGEC, which merged with Europa Cantat in 2011, was founded in 1955, 60 years ago.


Below you will find the our first newsletter of 2015 with a Press Release on this anniversary, some important news about new staff in our office, sad news about Roger Motz, one of our “founding fathers”, reminders of upcoming deadlines and our 2015 events, information about a new publication published by Carus-Verlag in cooperation with ECA-EC as well as important news from the International Federation for Choral Music – IFCM, which has decided to spread its publication, the International Choral Bulletin freely in digital format.


Please forward this newsletter to your singing friends, if you work in a choral association, forward it to your members or translate the news which you find essential into your own language.


With best regards 


Sonja Greiner, Secretary General 
on behalf of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat

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01 Changes in our Office
02 Obituary Roger Motz
03 Upcoming deadlines for application
04 REMINDER for other activities in 2015
05 60th Anniversary of AGEC
06 Revoice Concert in Brussels
07 Psalmodiando by Valentin Cruescu published by Carus
08 Youth Committee – Jesse co-opted to IMC Board
09 News from EUROPA CANTAT Pécs
10 News from IFCM – Digital ICB

Changes in our Office

Goodbye Anna
Anna Lučić (Marić), left our office on January 15th because she found a new job near her home. We would like to thank her, also on behalf of our membership, for her devoted work over many years, first as student helper, then replacing Ruthild during her sick leave and finally working for us as office manager and later as assistant to the project manager for VOICE. Her is a greeting from Anna to all with whom she has worked over the last years:
"I want to thank you all for the nice time, the friendly cooperation with the membership, Board, YC and especially the staff. Hope to see you in future."
Welcome Giulia and Lola
We are very happy that Giulia Lodi from Italy, who did an internship in our office from October to December 2014, was able to return to our office in January with a full-time position. She will take over all communication with our membership (in English), while Lola Musailova, former volunteer, will be dealing with all issues around book-keeping and invoices on a part-time position.
Today Giulia wants to introduce herself virtually to you:
"Hello! I am Giulia Lodi, after 3 months of internship at the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat I had the chance to stay longer as trainee connected to the voice project. I will work at ECA-EC until the end of May hoping, of course, to stay longer."

Obituary Roger Motz

Roger Motz, who would have turned 95 next February, passed away on January 5th in Paris after a long illness. He was one of the founders of the European Federation of Young Choirs – later European Cantat and then European Choral Association – Europa Cantat (ECA-EC). As representative of the French choral association A Coeur Joie he was on the Board of the association from the beginning and was its deputy Secretary General for several years, starting in 1969. And he made a moving speech with Gottfried Wolters at the first EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Passau, telling the singers that they had found out they had been fighting in the war on the two sides of the border, but were now friends and considered Europe their new home. He was involved in the federation and the festivals until the middle of the 1980ies and last visited the EUROPA CANTAT festival in Nevers in 2000.

You can send your condolences for his family to his wife:

Denyse Motz

7, square de Versailles

78160 Marly le Roi

Tel : +33 1 39587277


The current Secretary General of ECA-EC met Roger when she was a pupil and singing in the French-German choir in Paris conducted by Christoph Kühlewein, one of the former Secretary Generals of ECA-EC - a choir in which Roger also sang for many years. Christoph Kühlewein looks back at the time when he met and worked with Roger.


Roger Motz is dead

Who, among all those who experienced him after 1960 in the founding and youth years of EUROPA CANTAT, could have forgotten him? His tall figure, always accompanied by his wife because of his blindness, stood for authority and trust. As Deputy Secretary General of the then “European Federation of Young Choirs” he was always in the centre of activities, at the singing weeks as well as at the EUROPA CANTAT festivals which he strongly helped to shape.

When after the festival in Leicester in 1979 the author of these lines together with the unforgotten Claude Tagger took over the General Secretariat from Paul Wehrle, who recently passed away, Roger was a huge help to Claude and to me, the younger of the two.

I will never forget his faithful and deep friendship, his marvelous memory, his helpfulness, his presence. Without Roger Motz today’s EUROPA CANTAT could not be so proud of its excellent development which it made throughout the years, also with Roger’s help.

Roger Motz died on January 5th – we bow in reverence to him. Our sympathy goes to his wife Denyse and to his children.

Christoph Kühlewein





Upcoming deadlines for application

YEMP at EUROPA CANTAT Pécs, 17.7. – 3.8.2015
January 31st is the deadline for applications for the Youth Event Management Programme (YEMP) at the EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Pécs. For further details also see below.

10th European Festival of Youth Choirs in Basel, Switzerland, May 3rd – 8th, 2016
February 13th 2015 is the deadline for sending candidatures for the next European Festival of Youth Choirs in Basel in 2016, an event recommended by ECA-EC (see here).
International platform for highest qualified children’s and youth choirs from Europe. 18 selected choirs perform in more than 40 choral events. The colourful program with choir music from all styles and ages appeals to an audience of more than 25’000 spectators. Guest families host all singers. The festival covers all costs of the invited choirs.
Information and contact: info@ejcf.ch, www.ejcf.ch

And you will find the calendar flyer with the 

complete 2015 programme >> here.

If you have still not found what you are looking for, you can browse our Online Calendar of Events for further activities across Europe and beyond >> here.

REMINDER for other activities in 2015

Choralp International Singing Week
Deadline for applications: 31.3.2015
Further information on http://www.choralp.fr/en/home_2015.html

European Academy for Choral Conductors in Fano, Italy
Deadline for applications: 31.5.2015
Further information on: http://en.feniarco.it/eventi/2015/accademia_per_direttori

And you will find the calendar flyer with the 
complete 2015 programme >> here.

If you have still not found what you are looking for, you can browse our Online Calendar of Events for further activities across Europe and beyond >> here.

60th Anniversary of AGEC

The European Choral Association - Europa Cantat being the result of a merger of Europa Cantat (the European Federation of Young Choirs) and AGEC (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Europäischer Chorverbände), we are in the happy position of regularly celebrating anniversaries. After the 50th anniversary of Europa Cantat in 2013, we are celebrating the 60th anniversary of AGEC in 2015.

The AGEC was founded in the 50ies by representatives of mainly Germany-speaking choral associations in Europe. During the Tiroler Sängerfest 1952 in Innsbruck representatives of associations in Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland established the idea to promote choir singing by exchanging compositions and choirs and by other initiatives throughout Europe. In 1954 in St. Gallen they proclaimed the foundation of a "West European Union of Singers", followed by the official foundation of AGEC and the first Board elections on the 10th of December 1955. Over the following 55 years, AGEC used choral singing in many different ways to bring people and nations together. Developing and improving the quality of choral singing were important issues as well, with composition competitions, conducting course and workshops.

Finally AGEC also played an active role in promoting music education and singing amongst young people. Two of the main projects of AGEC were taken up and continued by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat after the merger in 2011: the EurochChoir, which annually brings together young singers from all over Europe for a summer session, each year in another country, and the European Award for Choral Composers (former Golden Tuning Fork).

The AGEC anniversary will be celebrated, in the presence of some of the former Presidents and chairs of the AGEC Music Commission, during the EUROPA CANTAT festival in Pécs, Hungary (24/7 - 2/8/2015). History of Presidents of AGEC †Dr. Paul Plugshaupt (CH, 1955 - 1971), †H.F. Brune (NL, 1971 - 1980), †Dr. Walter Weidmann (NL,1980 - 1987), Hans Hierck (NL,1987 - 1990), Bernard Stolz (CH, 1990 - 1996), Hartmut Doppler (DE,1996 - 2006), Michaël Scheck (BE, 2006 - 2011).

Revoice Concert in Brussels

We would like to invite you to the concert of the Revoice International Vocal Ensemble in Brussels on February 1st 2015 at 16.00 (Minimes Church, 62, Rue des Minimes, 1000 Brussels), no entrance fee.

Revoice was founded in 2013 as an alumni choir of the Eurochoir 2013 in Pécs and has since performed in Barcelona, Novi Sad and Berlin. For the concert in Brussels the ensemble will gather 40 singers from 17 countries who will also act as Ambassadors for the EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Pécs 2015.

Psalmodiando by Valentin Cruescu published by Carus

In 2012 the European Choral Association – Europa Cantat and Carus-Verlag started a new cooperation project with contemporary choral music from Eastern Europe. Through the Central-Eastern European Centre in Hungary an impressive amount of scores was collected, mostly from Bulgaria, Romania and Serbia. In a long and careful selection procedure, the jury made a pre-selection of 7 scores to be presented to the publisher, and Carus-Verlag decided on two scores to be published, both from Romanian composers.

The purpose of this new collection is to promote contemporary choral music from Eastern Europe by offering composers publication of their score with translations and thus making their music accessible to a much wider audience.

Now Carus-Verlag has published the first score, “Psalmodiando” by Valentin Gruescu (* 1953). The 7-minute piece has been published with the original text in Romanian and singeable German and English translations (done by Sorin Georgescu and Jon Coomps). The score can be ordered from http://www.carus-verlag.com/975200.html

Youth Committee – Jesse co-opted to IMC Board

The members of our Youth Committee are proud to inform you that their chair, Jesse Boere, has been co-opted to the Board of the International Music Council (IMC) as representative of the IMC Youth Committee. IMC Youth represents youth from within the network of the International Music Council by advising its board on issues and by actively seeking opportunities to reach out to young people all over the world. It encourages member organisations to include young people in their organisations and decision-making processes, values we share at ECA-EC and what also moves us to have a Youth Committee.

News from EUROPA CANTAT Pécs

On 15th of January we closed the possibility to modify atelier choices and started the first round of atelier distribution. The admission of ateliers not only depends on the number of applicants, but also on a good balance of voices, ages and countries, and our Music Commission will take the decisions during a meeting in February. We therefore ask you to be patient and wait until the end of February when the attributed ateliers will be confirmed!

The EUROPA CANTAT XIX Pécs 2015 festival has another deadline on the 31st of January, deadline for the application to YEMP3 – Young Event Management Programme. For more informations about the program click here!

EUROPA CANTAT was organised in Pécs once before, in 1988. If you attended the festival, we would like to ask you to share your stories with us on communication@ecpecs2015.hu! We would like to know how it was and felt to be there!

News from IFCM – Digital ICB

With the January 2015 International Choral Bulletin (ICB), IFCM is determinedly embarking into the world of digital publication. The ICB will continue to be published four times each year (in four languages). However, by moving to an electronic version it will provide the possibility for the publication to be more interactive with our members—with more extensive photos spreads, and more comprehensive information not possible in the printed version. Likewise, the electronic version of the ICB will bring focus on expanding the number of translated languages, reaching a greater number of singers/conductors/choirs in a greater number of countries previously unaware of the work of IFCM, and connecting our publications with our new website (coming soon).

Please download the first issue 2015 in the following languages:
- ICB Volume XXXIV, Number 1 - 1st Quarter 2015 - English
- BCI XXXIV, Numero 1 - 1ro trimestre 2015 - Spanish
- ICB Vol. XXXIV, Nummer 1, 1. Quartal 2015 - German
- ICB Volume XXXIV, Numéro 1 - 1er trimestre 2015 - French

We hope you will welcome this change as we continue to strengthen choral opportunities and communication for you, our membership.

The European Choral Association is supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, by the German Ministry of Youth (BMFSFJ) and the City of Bonn
German Ministry of YouthCity of BonnCreative Europe


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