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Get to know Silvija

My name is Silvija. I am 25 year old, live in Kaunas, Lithuania country.

Studying in Vytautas Magnus University and working in Lituania Cantat organisation of choral events, managing festivals, competitions and concerts. 


 When / where did you first come in contact with choral music?

My first experience with choral music was in school children’s choir. 


 When did you first get across ECA-EC and how did you end up in the Board?

The first time I came across ECA-EC with the Europa Cantat festival of 2015 in Pécs. I attended the YEMP (Young Event Managers Program) and it was the best experience of international event organising in my life.


 What is the greatest experience you’ve had outside the choral world?

My first time skiing in the mountains of Italy. Really funny and also painful :)


 Can you remember participating in an activity of ECA-EC that especially marked you? Or is there a moment during such an activity you specifically remember?

A very special moment in Vaison Choralies festival: I saw a Swingle Singers concert in the Roman Theatre. 


 What is your favourite flavour ice cream?



Can you remember a mistake - singing a wrong word or hearing a wrong word - in a choral concert that made you laugh?

I remember a concert when the wrong words made the chorists laugh.. 


Which famous musician, alive or dead, would you like to meet / make music with?

I would love to have coffee with Dudamel or with Leonard Bernstein.