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Friday, 17. January 2014

Monique Lesenne passed away

It seems to be a sad period for our European choral family - today we received the news that Monique Lesenne passed away on January 16th at the age of 76. She had been ill and had been taking medication, but still her death was unexpected for her family and friends.

We have received a beautiful "In memoriam" text written by Koenraad De Meulder on behalf of the Board of Directors of Koor&Stem in English, Flemish, German and French.
Monique was the heart and soul of the Flemish Federation of Young Choirs. She attended all EUROPA CANTAT festivals since Namur 1967, often as staff member, several times working with Gilbert Martens in the Music Department, then as Board member of Europa Cantat (1997 - 2003), as advisor, and as representative of our member organisation. During the six years she served on the Board of Europa Cantat, she was a lively, interested Board member who questioned old habits and supported innovation and development. Most of all she was the best imaginable ambassador of our activities, personally addressing choirs and conductors in Flanders, convincing them that their participation in the EUROPA CANTAT festival or EUROPA CANTAT junior or an international singing week was just what they needed and wanted - at our last General Assembly Marleen Annemans gave this personal method as example in one of the inspirational sessions. 
Monique was such a lively, energetic person until the end of 2012, when her 75th birthday was celebrated with a wonderful surprise concert in Ghent, attended by the Executive Board of the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat, that it is difficult to imagine she gradually lost her energy and spirits over the last months. "The Lion of Flanders" has gone to sleep forever, but we shall never forget her! 

The funeral of Monique will take place on Saturday 25th January at 10.30 am in the Sint-Pieterskerk, Sint-Pietersplein, 9000 GENT