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Monday, 10. June 2013

Musical Project with Panda van Proosdij and Frans de Berg in Bonn

They had never been on a stage before, had never sung in a choir - so the pupils from the Karl-Simrock school in Bonn could not imagine that they could learn excerpts from a musical in a few days and present them to the public.

During four days they studied English texts, singing and movements with Panda van Proosdij (choreography) and Frans de Berg (piano), they did concentration excercises and repeated the complete performance again and again. The charismatic choreographer regularly managed to surprise the group and fill them with new energy, so that all pupils participated enthusiastically in teh end.

"The project is meant to move us and strengthen the group feeling in our class" wrote one of the pupils in a press release she produced as a result of a media-course accompanying the project. In order to reach this aim, the class and its two wonderful teachers spent a week in a youth academy near Bonn (Jugendakademie Walberberg). Between rehearsals and working groups dealing with films, pictures and stage decorations they also had enough free time, necessary for a good group feeling.

On Friday June 2nd the great moment had arrived. A concert took place in the Clara-Schumann-Gymnasium in Bonn, with the results of the musical workshop and the presentation of school choirs from a school in Hennef near Bonn. The room was filled with 2 classes from the Karl-Simrock school as well as families, friends and external visitors who enjoyed watching the performance and the happy faces of the pupils. We quickly heard from all sides that this project initiated by the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat should soon be continued!

For pictures from the project and the concert see Picasa album >> here