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Saturday, 16. August 2014

Our activities in summer 2014 - pictures and more

July was an extremely intense month concerning activities of ECA-EC:

It started with the Study Tour to the Estonian Song Celebration, combined with a meeting of our Executive Board - an impressive event. More on our Facebook page or >> here


Then youth chamber choirs met in Usedom while the Football World Championship was drawing to an end - you can find pictures and more on the AMJ Facebook page >> here and a video on the 10th anniversary of the event >> here.

At the end of July our Board and staff had difficulties to decide who would attend which of the many events of ECA-EC taking place during the same week:
- the Oratorio Choir Academy in Pomáz
- the Choralp Singing Week in Briançon - pictures >> here / article >> here
- the Singing Week in Tarragona
- the Academy for Composers in Aosta - pictures >> here
- and the Masterclass for Conductors in Vaison
Check our  Facebook page for further news, reports and pictures from all these events, we will also update this article when we receive more pictures and reports. 

Not to forget the activities which already happend in May (Masterclass on Open Singing at the European Youth Choir Festival in Basel) and June 2014 (Hearts-in-Harmony event in Novi Sad, Serbia).

In August
- 800 children and young people met at Europa Cantat Junior in Bergen
  You will find pictures on their facebook page >> here
- and almost 60 young singers will gather in Saintes
   for this year's EuroChoir session - check their facebook page >> here