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Monday, 7. July 2014

Programme for Pécs Festival available now

The brochure with

- the detailed atelier programme including all 4 to 8 day ateliers
- a first schedule
- first information on the offers for conductors,
  composers and managers and the discovery ateliers
- practical information with the different options for
  flexible participation including participation fees 
is ready for mailing! If you wish to order a paper copy of the "festival programme" please send a message to info(at)ecpecs2015.hu. You can also order a package, if you have an event in mind where you can spread the brochures, or if you can add them to a major planned mailing.
The electronic version is  available as ISSUS file >> here or as downloadable and printable PDF >> here or in reduced format with 2 pages printed on 1 >> here.


The information contained in the brochure has also be published on the Website www.ecpecs2015.hu

Deadline for applications
will be November 30th 2014, online registration will start on August 15th 2014.