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Friday, 11. May 2012

Proposal for future EU Culture Programme Creative Europe


Today, on 10th May 2012, the Ministers for Culture of all the EU Member states met in Brussels to discuss, amongst other things, the EU’s new Creative Europe programme, which will come into effect in January 2014. The European Music Council, along with many other cultural actors including the European Choral Association - Europa Cantat, have come together in support for the we are more: act for culture in Europe campaign. So far more than 26.000 individuals and organisations from across Europe have supported the campaign with their signatures. They encourage the EU Ministers for Culture to commit themselves to the increased culture budget as of 2014. Read more about the campaign and how on 9th May 2012, Luca Bergamo, Secretary General of Culture Action Europe met the Deputy Permanent Secretary of the Danish Ministry of Culture and handed over a poster with the more than 26.000 signatures in the Press Release of the European Music Council >> here and that of Culture Action Europe >> here.

Further useful documents:
Statement of the European Music Council (EMC) on Creative Europe >> here
Statement of Culture Action Europe (CAE) on Creative Europe >> here

Statement of German members of CAE on Creative Europe (in German) >> here

5 video interviews of Christ Torch (Intercult) with Ann Branch, Head of Unit for the Culture Programme at the DG Education and Culture of the European Commission >> here