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"Sing outside the box" conference | General Assembly 2017

Tallinn, Estonia | 6-8 October 2017

organised in collaboration with the Estonian Choral Association


Continuing the line of conferences discussing hot topics of the choral world, we are organising the public conference “sing outside the box”. We are setting up an exciting programme focusing on “different” ways to perform, to interact with (new and younger) audiences, and cooperation with other art forms. On Friday evening and Saturday afternoon, you will discover new ideas, exchange along practical sessions and maybe even sing (outside the box, of course…).

The conference will end with a concert on Saturday evening.



The public conference is part of the cooperation project “sing outside the box” coordinated by the Estonian Choral Association in cooperation with ZIMIHC, Sulasol and ECA-EC, and co-funded by the European Union Creative Europe programme. The project develops an in-depth cooperation between the Eurochoir sessions 2017 in Utrecht (NL) and 2018 in Helsinki (FI) and the EUROPA CANTAT Festival in Tallinn (EE).


Schedule Preview

Friday 6 Oct. 2017

09:30 > 12:30 Membership Day | interactive session

Hotel Tallink Spa and Conference hotel****

Members gather and discuss the activities, projects and future development of their association.


12:30 > 13:30 Lunch

Hotel Tallink Spa and Conference hotel****


13:30 > 15:30 Project presentations

Hotel Tallink Spa and Conference hotel****

Interesting projects from the membership will be presented in short and entertaining 5 minutes slots.


17:30 > 19:00 Conference “sing outside the box” - Keynote Speech

Hotel Tallink Spa and Conference hotel****

By Tido Visser, manager of the Nederlands Kamerkoor


19:00 Dinner

Hotel Tallink Spa and Conference hotel****

With musical surprises by the Estonian Radio Children’s Choir!


Saturday 7 Oct. 2017


8:45 Bus departure from the Hotel

09:30 > 12:30 General Assembly ECA-EC [for members]

Estonian Parliament

12:30 > 13:30 Lunch

Estonian Parliament

13:30 > 15:00 Conference “sing outside the box” - Plenary session

Estonian Parliament

Presentation of the project “sing outside the box”.


15:15 > 16:15 Conference “sing outside the box” - Session 1

Estonian Parliament

3 offers to choose from

  • Singing and scenic performance | Stephan Luterman

    A stage may be more than just a place to place your singers!

  • More audience for classical music |Timurs Tomsons

    A curated selection of initiatives that convince new audiences that classical music is cool.

  • EUROPA CANTAT, outside the box | Jan Schumacher

    What to expect in the next festival, if you want to sing outside the box!

16:15 > 16:45 Coffee Break

Estonian Parliament

16:45 > 17:45 Conference “sing outside the box” - Sessions 2

Estonian Parliament

3 offers to choose from

  • Choireography | Panda van Proosdij

    How to use your physicality while conducting and how to teach your singers to use theirs

  • Audience development in Choral Context | Raul Talmar and Sonja Greiner

    Choral enthusiasts have developed many ways to expand their audience.

  • “Get out of your box” | Panel discussion

    Choral and A Cappella? The panel will discuss what brings us together, how we can cooperate and exchange. With Susan Monks, Stephan Lutermann, Masis Aram Gözbek, Virginie Scherrens, Aarne Saluveer, Jeroen Schrijner


18:30 Dinner

Hotel Tallink Spa and Conference hotel****

20:30 Concert Collegium Musicale Chamber Choir

Tallinn Town Hall


Sunday 8 Oct. 2017

Hotel Tallink Spa and Conference hotel****

09:00 > 11:00 Fresh Ideas: Sunday Morning Market

Participants can exchange and set up cooperations.



Partipation fees | Single Room | PRICES PUBLISHED IN JULY

Costs for bed in Single Room Country group 1 Country group 2 Country group3
Membership Day package 120 € 100 € 80 €
General Assembly package 110 € 90 € 70 €
Conference package 120 € 100 € 80 €
Total all packages (= full event) 350 € 290 € 230 €

Partipation fees | Double Room | PRICES PUBLISHED IN JULY

Costs for bed in Double Rooms Country group 1 Country group 2 Country group3
Total all packages (= full event) 245 € 215 € 185 €
Membership Day package 85 € 75 € 65 €
General Assembly package 75 € 65 € 55 €
Conference package 85 € 75 € 75 €

Special grant for organizations from Central-Eastern Europe

In order to increase the involvement of member organisations of ECA-EC in Central-Eastern Europe in the activities of the association, we have the opportunity, in the frame of our network project, to offer grants for up to 5 representatives of 5 different member organisations, to cover or contribute to travel expenses and participation fees. If you are interested in such a grant, please contact us before August 31st 2017